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8th Air Force Field Order 372

6 June 1944

Official description

Not yet known


D-Day. Start of Operation Overlord.

Mission details

1. Normandy



Aircraft type

Not yet known


182 P-47s and 218 P-51s attack ground targets and 49 P-47s and 17 P-51s provide cover.

Mission Statistics

Number of aircraft Sent 466



  • Harold Beck

    Military | Lieutenant Colonel | Fighter Pilot | 78th Fighter Group
    Harold Beck served as a pilot with the 78th Fighter Group at Duxford, flying 76 missions. ...

  • Merle Capp

    Military | First Lieutenant | Fighter pilot | 78th Fighter Group
    Lt Merle R. Capp was destined to join the list of high-scoring pilots of the 78th FG with a tally of 2 air and 2.5 ground 'kills'. The youngest of three sons of a Colonel in the regular Army he was currently attending the University of Carolina when he...

  • Kal Gladstone

    Military | First Lieutenant | Pilot | 496th Fighter Training Group
    Kal Gladstone served as a pilot with the 78th Fighter Group.

  • James Kinsolving

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Pilot | 78th Fighter Group
    74 missions, flew 3 missions on D Day. On third flight on D Day, his plane was the only one of his group of four that came back DFC, Air Medal

  • Richard Kuehner

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Pilot | 78th Fighter Group
    Killed in Action on 10 June 1944 in AC 42-26317. AM w/ Oak Leaf Cluster/ PH

  • Carleton Palmer

    Military | First Lieutenant | P 51- Mustang Fighter Pilot | 363rd Fighter Group
    Carleton was an intelligent, hard working, and serious fighter pilot. He completed 103 missions before going down over Belgium in May of 1945.

  • Howard Scholz

    Military | First Lieutenant | Pilot | 78th Fighter Group

  • Harry Slater

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Pilot | 78th Fighter Group

  • Warren Van Dyk

    Military | Captain | Pilot | 496th Fighter Training Group

  • Benjamin Watkins

    Military | Captain | Pilot | 78th Fighter Group

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  • 42-26314

    P-47 Thunderbolt

  • 42-26317

    P-47 Thunderbolt

  • 42-26333 Hun Buster

    P-47 Thunderbolt

  • 42-75551 Queen Mu

    P-47 Thunderbolt
    Named for Warren Van Dyk's wife Muriel. Lost 18 Sept 44 - Lt. Richard C Snyder. POW

  • 42-75591 Lady Yvonne

    P-47 Thunderbolt

  • 43-25536

    P-47 Thunderbolt

  • 42-27606

    P-47 Thunderbolt
    Assigned to 84FS, 78FG, 8AF USAAF. War Weary converted to 2 seater. Transferred to 82FS, 78FG, 8AF USAAF. Suffered a belly landing Mar-45 at Duxford, repaired and repainted overall red retaining its chequerboard nose cowling.

  • 42-26005 'Sally' 'Lady Jane'

    P-47 Thunderbolt
    Assigned to 369FS, 359FG, 8AF USAAF. Transferred to 82FS, 78FG, 8AF USAAF.

  • 43-25578

    P-47 Thunderbolt
    P-47 Thunderbolt (serial number 43-25578) was lost on 6 June 1944, D-Day after being damaged during an armored reconnaissance patrol over France. The aircraft was hit by an exploding petrol train and the pilot, Wallace Hailey, forced to bail out over...

  • 43-25300 B Hope

    P-47 Thunderbolt
    Named for Harry Slater's then fiancée who did not become Mrs. Slater.

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Lee Cunningham, 8th Air Force missions research database / Stan Bishop's 'Losses of the US 8th and 9th Air Forces', the Combat Chronology of the US Army Air Forces and the work of Roger Freeman including the 'Mighty Eighth War Diary'.