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  1. Charles D. Taylor Collection UPL 32538

    Staff Sergeant Leon Mehring and his crew at 305th BG, Chelveston, England, in front of “Miss Dee Day”. Leon, waist gunner is front row, second from...

  2. Charles D. Taylor Collection UPL 32539

    Staff Sergeant Leon G. Mehring, Gunner/ Engineer, 305th Bomb Group Can Do.

  3. Charles D. Taylor Collection UPL 32537

    Second Lieutenant William D Mehegan, Bombardier, 453rd Bomb Group.

  4. Charles D. Taylor Collection UPL 32536

    Robert Rowan Megchelsen (John) on right, and another crew member survey damage to aircraft stuck in mud after it landed with no brakes and ran off...

  5. Charles D. Taylor Collection UPL 32535

    Robert Rowan Megchelsen , 91st Bomb Group, 322nd Bomb Squadron.

  6. Charles D. Taylor Collection UPL 32534

    Robert Rowan Megchelsen (John) and his crew at 91st BG, Bassingbourn, England. John, Tail Gunner, is front row, fourth from left

  7. UPL 32533

    Robert Franklin Sommer, Staff Sergeant, Tail Gunner, 379th Bomb Group

  8. UPL 32532

    F/O Clifton Henry Kizer

  9. UPL 32048

    F/O Clifton Henry Kizer

  10. UPL 32531

    (then) First Lieutenant "Steve" Pisanos and Dr. Hazard (left) at the American Embassy in London where Steve was naturalized on May 3, 1943.

  11. UPL 32387

    Sam's chief applying first of 3 swastikas on his P-47.

  12. Cpt Sam E Brown UPL 32386

    Captain Sam E Brown (right) pictured with his brother Lt Bill Brown (left).

  13. UPL 32530

    "Major General Robert B. Williams presents the Distinguished Flying Cross to a member attached to Hdq., 1st Bomb Division, during a ceremony...

  14. UPL 32529

    "Brig. General Julius K Lacey, Brig. General Edward Anderson And Brig. General Ivan L Farman were presented the French Legion of Honor and the...

  15. UPL 32528

    "Brig. General Julius K. Lacey presents the Legion of Merit to a member of the 351st Bomb Group during a ceremony at an air base in England. 7...

  16. UPL 32527

    "Brig. Gen. Julius K. Lacey is presented the Croix De Guerre by Gen. De Corps D'Arme Valin of the French Air Force. 351st Bomb Group, England."

  17. UPL 32526

    "Brig. General Julius K. Lacey presents the Distinguished Flying Cross and Air Medal posthumously to a member of the 351st Bomb Group at an air...

  18. UPL 32525

    "Brig. General Julius K. Lacey congratulates a member of the 351st Bomb Group on receiving the Air Medal during a ceremony at an air base in...

  19. UPL 32524

    "Brig. General Julius K. Lacey is presented the Distinguished Service Medal by Major General Howard M. Turner during a ceremony on 15 May 1945 at...

  20. UPL 32523

    "Major General Robert B Williams congratulates Brig. Gen. Julius K. Lacey, attached to Hdq., 1st Bomb Division, after presenting him with an award...

  21. UPL 32522

    "Lead crew on a bombing mission to Amiens, France, pose in front of the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress. 303rd Bomb Group, England. 15 August 1943."...

  22. UPL 32521

    "Brigadier General Julius K Lacey. 351st Bomb Group England 10-Jun-44."

  23. UPL 32520

    "Formerly a photographer with Acqua Studio in NY City, S/Sgt Victor A Labruno 22 419 2nd St Jersey City NJ, has been given credit for snapping on...

  24. UPL 32519

    "Not many pictures like this one come out of the war. You are looking out of an American Flying Fortress at a Nazi Messerschmidt 410 less than 25...

  25. UPL 32518

    "T/Sgt Kubitski of the 390th Bomb Group, wearing the Distinguished Flying Cross and Air Medal, 1-Dec-43 England."

  26. BOMB TOTIN' MAMA UPL 32508

    Lt. Walt Raiter's BOMB TOTIN' MAMA Crew, 12/25/194?_Tonopah, Nevada, USA:...

  27. UPL 32510

    Lt. Richard E Higley, 509th Bomber Squadron, 351st Bomber Group, Heavy

  28. UPL 32507

    Present at the Christening was the original Lady Anna Naegle, British film star. Crew and members of the 527th BS of the 379th BG celebrate the...

  29. UPL 32509

    Technical Sergeant Francis P, Czelusniak, Flight Engineer / Gunner Crew #76, 448th Bomb Group

  30. dfp by vwp UPL 32511

    Lt. David F, Parry, 390th Bomb Group, 568th Bomb Squadron

  31. dfp by vwp UPL 32515

    390th Bomb Group - Mission list.

  32. dfp by vwp UPL 32513

    B17 42-30289 "Dull Tool"

  33. dfp by vwp UPL 32512

    David F Parry, 390th Bomb Group

  34. dfp by vwp UPL 32514

    B17 42-30289 "Dull Tool"

  35. dfp by vwp UPL 32517

    Crew of B17 42-30289 "Dull Tool". See https://www.americanairmuseum.com/media/32516

  36. dfp by vwp UPL 32516

    Crew of the "Dull Tool"...

  37. 466th BG Archives UPL 32506

    An unidentified 466th BG B-24 in the 472nd Sub Depot Hangar at Attlebridge

  38. UPL 30539

    B-17 42-30394 Crew. Robert Korff is top row, second from right. Bottom Row Center appears to be Sgt James O Goodson, Ball turret gunner.

  39. UPL 32501

    Charles Johnston. Photo taken at Glatton probably early 1945

  40. UPL 32505

    Gustavo E. Contreras Memorial at Margraten American cemetary The Netherlands

  41. 466th BG Archives UPL 32503

    B-24H-20-FO #42-94982 "Battlin' Baby" 44th BG - 68th BS

  42. 466th BG Archives UPL 32502

    B-24H-15-FO #42-52518 "Nobody's Baby" Code: T9-A & 6L-R...

  43. Wings of Victory UPL 32500

    Joseph R. Garber, B-17 Radio Operator with his crew. Mr. Garber is 3rd man from left, back row

  44. Wings of Victory UPL 32499

    Photos of Joseph R. Garber after he was captured by German police in July 1944.

  45. UPL 32489

    Fernley Smith

  46. UPL 32494

    Harry Kriebel

  47. JCook Photo Collection & Archives UPL 32498

    Col Bob Montgomery 20th FG

  48. 466th BG Archives UPL 32497

    A somewhat blurry, but rarely seen shot of the port side of B-24H-25-DT #42-51134 "Liberty Belle" of the 466th BG - 784th BS

  49. 466th BG Archives UPL 32496

    Flak damage to the tail of B-24H-25-FO #42-95283 "Biff Bam" Code: 2U-A+...

  50. UPL 32495

    Harry Kriebel`s Mission Log