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  1. UPL 40463

    Sergeant Buford N. Edwards, 94th Bomb Group, 410th Bomb Squadron

  2. UPL 40464

    Sergeant Buford N. Edwards, 94th Bomb Group, 410th Bomb Squadron. Newspaper article.

  3. UPL 40462

    Sergeant Buford N. Edwards, 94th Bomb Group, 410th Bomb Squadron. Newspaper article.

  4. UPL 40455

    Kenneth E Moreland and Irish Eyes, Fowlmere England. 1944-1945. 503rd Squadron, 339th Fighter Group. SN's: 44-64012 and 44-12160

  5. UPL 40456

    Kenneth E Moreland, P-17 Trainer. Albany, GA 1943

  6. UPL 40457

    Kenneth E Moreland, 1944. Fowlmere, England. 339th Fighter Group, 503rd Squadron. Irish Eyes

  7. UPL 40458

    Kenneth E Moreland, "Irish Eyes". 1945 Fowlmere, England. 339th FG, 503rd SQ.

  8. UPL 40453

    Kenneth E Moreland on leave in 1944

  9. UPL 40454

    Kenneth E Moreland commission 1944

  10. UPL 40451

    Earl Abke Right Waist Gunner Darrell Boucher Crew 453rd BG - 735th BS

  11. UPL 40450

    Darrell Arthur Boucher Pilot 453rd BG

  12. Murayda family UPL 40436

    Second Lieutenant Michael J. Murayda in P-47m Thunderbolt

  13. UPL 40431

    T/Sgt Mack Orman Garrett, Engineer/Top Turrut Gunner on B24H 42-52226 453rd Bomb Group, crashed into the Ijsselmeer Holland.....

  14. UPL 40427

    T/Sgt. Clarence T. Morrison Engineer/top turret gunner

  15. UPL 40424

    P-51B 42-106897 'Rigor Mortis'

  16. UPL 40423

    My father was a larger than life symbol of the American Dream.

  17. UPL 40422

    Gene Russell of 95th Bomb group presented with DFC

  18. UPL 40420

    Gene Russell; Navigator; 95th Bombardment Group

  19. UPL 19570

    Official caption: 'Lt. Shippacasse's crew of the 8th AF's 398th Bomb Group standing by their B-17 at their base in England, 31 March 1944....

  20. UPL 40402

    Back row: 2Lt William H. Karraker , 1Lt John R. Johnston, S/Sgt James E. Mills, 1Lt. Calvin Andrew Swaffer, 2Lt William T. Sweet. ...

  21. UPL 40418

    S/Sgt. Virgil LaVerne Gray, Engineer/Top Turret Gunner on B17G 42-97511 "Egg Haid" 381st Bomb Group, Killed on January 21th 1945.....

  22. Frank J. Tamburino UPL 40397

    486 Bomb Group, 8th Airforce, 835 Bomb Squadron 1944...

  23. Frank J. Tamburino UPL 40396

    Frank J. Tamburino

  24. UPL 40394

    Gerald Taylor

  25. UPL 40393

    Gerald Taylor

  26. UPL 40392

    Lt. Gerald Taylor

  27. UPL 40390

    Capt Clinton DeWitt Burdick 361FS, 356FG about to step aboard P-51D 44-15341 'Do Do'.

  28. John Simmons young UPL 40388

    B-24D Probably "the Sandman" Over White IV Ploesti 1943

  29. UPL 40354

    Mission log kept by SSGT George H. Simpson of the 15th AF, 97th BG, 342nd BS....

  30. UPL 40387

    "Capt. John G Holloway, South Bend IN, 505th Fighter Squadron. P-51D 44-13624 6N-A/ “Sniffles”. This a/c was lost on 23 September 1944 when Lt....

  31. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 650

    Personnel of the 389th Bomb Group stand atop the engine of a B-24 Liberator (serial number 42-40787) nicknamed "Vagabond King". Sitting (left to...

  32. UPL 40386

    P-51D's of 77FS, 20FG in formation early 45. 44-14975 LC-K Lt Charlo, 44-15605 LC-M Lt Richard Morris, 44-15321LC-S Capt Reynolds.

  33. Document 40382

    Overall Missions Map for the 493rd BG - USAAF Station 152 -Debach, UK noting missions flown by the Lt Bernard E Vaughan Crew

  34. UPL 40384

    2Lt. William Vincent Patrick Weston, of B17 42-37988 95th Bomb Group, shot down in a raid to Berlin Germany on April 29th 1944, he became POW....

  35. UPL 40385

    B17 42-102631 452nd Bomb Group, aircraft overshot base runway on August 9th 1944 after a raid of St Vith Belgium

  36. UPL 40383

    B17 42-37988 95th Bomb Group, with Flak damage

  37. UPL 40381

    Getting Ready for D-Day Mission Bud Kraft, Donald H Snell, Robert E Erickson, Robert A "Bob" Rosenburgh?, Richard S Simpson "Dick"

  38. UPL 40380

    Laurence J. Ketterer

  39. UPL 40379

    Robert E Erickson with unknown Ground Crew Member

  40. Robert E Erickson UPL 40378

    Robert E Erickson: 8th Airforce, 55th Fighter Group, 38th Fighter Squadron

  41. UPL 40375

    P-47D 42-8675 "Town of Piggott, Arkansas" with 1st Lt Pierce W. McKInnon and Sg Arnold G. Camp both hailing from Arkansas and serving in the 335th...

  42. UPL 40374

    P-47D 42-8675 "Town of Piggott, Arkansas" 335FS, 4FG, 8AF.

  43. UPL 40355

    A "Short Snortor" dollar bill used to commemorate the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean. Owned by SSGT George H. Simpson of the 15th AF, 97th BG,...

  44. UPL 40373

    P-51B Mustang 42-106882 code D7+V of 503 Fighter Squadron, 339th Fighter Group .

  45. UPL 40372

    "S/Sgt Calvin C Ferrari of Hazleton, assumes a look of grim determination as he shows how he sights along his waist gun in one of the death dealing...