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  1. UPL 34099

    "Bombs from 9th AF Marauders make hits on a Nazi-held section of the northwestern part of the Cherbourg peninsula--one of the last sectors to...

  2. UPL 34098

    "Below this Martin B-26 Marauder lies a portion of the Cherbourg peninsula where German troops are making a final, desperate stand. The picture was...

  3. UPL 34097

    "A NINTH AIR FORCE BOMBER STATION, England--Roaring in at a low altitude this Douglas A-20 Havoc of the Ninth Air Force is shown blasting enemy...

  4. UPL 34096

    "A bulldozer of the 9th AF Aviation engineers clears an airfield of German dummy planes somewhere in the Cherbourg peninsula of France, in...

  5. UPL 34095

    "SHATTERED CHATEAROUX---Typical extensive damage inflicted upon nine Nazi airfields in Northwestern France early in Feb 4 by 8th AF heavy bombers...

  6. UPL 34094

    "The Nazi airfield at Chateaudun in occupied France was pounded by Flying Fortresses of the U.S. 8th AF on March 28. Two large concentrations in...

  7. UPL 34093

    Roland Cadoret

  8. UPL 34092

    "The entire landing area and runways are pitted with bomb craters at the Chateaudun airdrome in France. The most recent attack on this German...

  9. Anyjazz65 UPL 34091

    B-17G "Incendiary Blonde", 91st BG/322nd BS (LG-U), prior to nose art application. B-17G with no nose art, 91st BG/322nd BS (LG-Y) (44-6964) in the...

  10. Anyjazz65 UPL 34090

    Shown are B-17G's "Ack Ack Annie", 91st BG/322nd BS (LG-L) (42-32095) far left, 91st BG/322nd BS (LG-Y) in the center, and possibly "Incendiary...

  11. UPL 34089

    B-17G "Extra Special", 91st BG/322nd BS (LG-E). Also shown is B-17G "The Biggest Bird", 91st BG/322nd BS (LG-B) (43-38306)

  12. Anyjazz65 UPL 34088

    B-17G "Star Dust", 91st BG/322 BS (LG-T)

  13. Anyjazz65 UPL 34087

    B-17G "The Biggest Bird", 91st BG/322nd BS (LG-B) and B-17G "Rusty Dusty", 91st BG/322nd BS (LG-D) (44-6578)

  14. Anyjazz65 UPL 34086

    B-17G "Klette's Wild Hares", 91st BG/323rd BS (DF-E), previously with the 381st BG. In the background is B-17G "Margie", 91st BG/324th BS (OR-O)

  15. Anyjazz65 UPL 34085

    B-17G "Stinky", 91st BG/322nd BS (LG-S)

  16. Anyjazz65 UPL 34084

    B-17G "Rusty Dusty" 91st BG/322nd BS (LG-D)

  17. Anyjazz65 UPL 34083

    B-17G "Ack Ack Annie", 91st BG/322nd BS (LG-L), first NMF B-17 assigned to the 91st BG.

  18. Anyjazz65 UPL 34082

    Tail of B-17G "Shirley Jean", 91st BG/323rd BS (OR-K) after mid-air collision with B-17G "Shure Shot" (44-6151) over England on 5 December 1944.

  19. Anyjazz65 UPL 34081

    B-17G "The Wild Hare", 91st BG/324th BS (DF-M), likely late 1944.

  20. Anyjazz UPL 34080

    B-17G "Skunkface III", 91st BG/324th BS (DF-G), Lost 17 April 1945 (last 91st BG combat loss in WWII, shot down by Me 262's near Dresden).

  21. UPL 34079

    "Photo of Nazi airfield at Chateaudun, France, was taken a few moments before B-17 "Flying Fortresses" of the 452nd Bomb Group released their bombs...

  22. UPL 34077

    P-51D 44-64084 VF-P "Janis" of Lt. John B "Jack" Swan, 336th FS, 4th FG

  23. UPL 34078

    Close up showing artwork on Lt Jack Swan's 44-64084 VF-P "Janis". 4th FG 336th FS.

  24. UPL 34076

    "Mission accomplished ! leaving the Nazi target at Chateaudun, France, in smoke and flames, Boeing B-17 "Flying Fortresses" of the 452nd Bomb Group...

  25. UPL 34075

    "High explosives and fragmentation bombs shower landing strips and dispersal areas at Chateaudun, France."

  26. UPL 34074

    "Bursting bombs can be seen partially covering the German airdrome at Chateaudun on 14 June 1944 as U.S. 8th AAF Consolidated B-24 Liberators...

  27. UPL 34073

    John Flynn (standing right)

  28. UPL 34072

    B - 17 ( 43-38725 )...

  29. UPL 34066

    B17G Millie K named after the Girlfriend of the original pilot Paul Kelly

  30. UPL 34069

    The original pilot of the Millie K with his Girlfriend Millie.

  31. UPL 34067

    B17G Millie K named after the Girlfriend of the original pilot Paul Kelly

  32. UPL 34068

    B17G Millie K named after the Girlfriend of the original pilot Paul Kelly

  33. UPL 34065

    Carl Ingersoll`s Kriegie Mugshots

  34. UPL 34064

    Carl Ingersoll

  35. UPL 34063

    "Bombs dropped a few minutes before by B-17 "Flying Fortresses" of the 452nd Bomb Group burst on the hangar area of the Nazi airdrome at Chateaudun...

  36. UPL 34062

    "At Chateaudun, France, 30 miles northwest of Orleans, the often-hit bomber and reconnaissance airbase there was attacked 14 June 1944. More and...

  37. UPL 34061

    "Airdrome at Chateaudun, France attacked by a large force of U.S. heavies."

  38. UPL 34060

    "STOPPED BUT NOT DESTROYED, this Nazi rolling stock, somewhere in France. Fighter bomber pilots of the U.S. Army 8th Air Force made the attack....

  39. UPL 34059

    "September 15, 8th Target-Chartres-A/F training & operational center attacks at twilight."

  40. UPL 34058

    "LUFTWAFFE PILOT TRAINING CENTER - Just outside the little town of Chartres, in occupied France, the German fighter-pilot training base was one of...

  41. UPL 34057

    "Lt. Colonel Morgan, squadron commander, looking over wrecked German Me-109s*. Note the city of Chartres in background with the familiar cathedral...

  42. UPL 34055

    "American Flying Fortresses scored hits on eight medium sized hangars, two smaller ones, a workshop and dispersal areas when they attacked the...

  43. UPL 34056

    "Bomb Damaged Me-109s* being inspected by US soldiers." * - Possibly Arado AR96 trainers.

  44. UPL 34054

    8th Air Force Emblem

  45. UPL 34053

    "At least 150 feet of the viaduct at Chantilly, about 30 miles north of Paris, has been smashed by the attack of 8th USAAF heavy bombers on 14 June...

  46. UPL 34052

    "Disrupted Training -- Direct hits on tracks, locomotive sheds, repair shops and other installations left this scene at the railway marshalling...

  47. UPL 34051

    "Bombing of enemy installations at Chalons-Sur-Marne, France, on 3 October 1944, by Consolidated B-24 Liberators of the 2nd Bomb Division, 8th AF....

  48. UPL 34050

    "Bombing of the Chalonnes Marshalling Yard."

  49. JCook Photo Collection & Archives UPL 34046

    P-51D s/n 44-13905 KI+Y "Joe" 55th FS 1Lt McGee POW 2.20.1945