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  1. Outhier UPL 37774

    Robert H. Collins

  2. Outhier UPL 37773

    Robert H. Collins

  3. UPL 37772

    2Lt Walter F Perra's Monument

  4. UPL 37771

    2Lt Walter F Perra

  5. UPL 37770

    B17 43-37811 "Baby Sweet" 100th Bomb Group, Crash Landed Leiston Airfield England

  6. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 4818

    The damaged wing of a B-17 Flying Fortress (serial number 42-29886) of the 379th Bomb Group. Printed caption on reverse: '71689 AC - The wing of...

  7. UPL 37769

    Fight Engineer Sgt. Perkins and Pilot 1st Lt. Lawrence B. Wallerstein on May 26, 1944 after completing their combat tour of 30 missions.

  8. UPL 37768

    Lt. Kermit Wooldridge (Woody) returns from his final mission as a B-17 pilot on Dec. 13, 1943. Target - Bremen, Germany. His crew looks on.

  9. Group UPL 37766

    The dedication page of the WWII Diary of Lt. Kermit Wooldridge, B-17 pilot in WWII - 379th Bomb Group, 525th Bomb Squad. ...

  10. Group UPL 37765

    The cover page from the WWII Combat Diary of Lt. Kermit Wooldridge, 379th Bomb Group B-17 pilot in 1943. His 62 page diary of his twenty-five...

  11. Groups UPL 37764

    The WWII Diary of Lt Kermit Wooldridge, B-17 pilot, 1943. It chronicles each of his twenty five missions over Nazi occupied Europe. ...

  12. People UPL 37762

    Lt. Kermit D. Wooldridge (Woody) with his wife, Marjorie after returning from the war in Europe. Wooldridge had been a high school drop out prior...

  13. Aircraft UPL 37761

    Lt Kermit Wooldridge, B-17 pilot, in the cockpit. Oct. 2, 1943. He served with the great 379th Bomb Group.

  14. UPL 37760

    2nd Lt Kermit D. Wooldridge, left, under a B-17 with part of one of his crews. 1943

  15. UPL 37759

    Lt. Wallerstein receiving the Distinguished Flying Cross, May 1944

  16. UPL 37758

    43-38648 was shot down on February 25th, 1945 with no casualties and 9 prisoners of war.

  17. UPL 37757

    42-39969 was lost nine days after being delivered to Deenethorpe. Shot down by fighters and crash landed around Osterode....

  18. UPL 28076

    "Lt Holland and crew of the 92nd Bomb Group beside the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress 'Sharon Belle'. England, 2 October 1943."...

  19. Raymond Stiff UPL 37756

    S Sgt. Raymond Stiff

  20. DAMIFINO II UPL 37755

    DAMIFINO 230259 XR-N on Mission to Trondheim, Norway in July 1943.

  21. Pedone Document 37754

    Vito and Geraldine Pedone. Pedone Family at Arlington.

  22. Pedone Document 37753

    Vito and Geraldine Pedone. Pedone Family Veteran's Day Remembrance.

  23. UPL 27031

    B-24 "Nana"

  24. Vernon E. Kirk, Jr. UPL 37751

    Vernon E. Kirk Jr.

  25. Vernon E. Kirk, Jr. UPL 37752

    Flight Crew - Vernon Kirk

  26. Document 37750

    My moms cousin Teddy Stamper was the tail gunner on Southwind and was KIA 1 Dec 1943. I would welcome contact with anyone associated with Teddy,...

  27. UPL 37749

    B-17 Flying Fortress (serial number 42-6155) of the 385th Bomb Group in flight

  28. UPL 37748

    B-17 Flying Fortress (serial number42-97153) of the 94th Bomb Group in flight.

  29. UPL 37245

    1st LT Kenneth Robert "Bob" Kessenger KIA 8 Apr 1944

  30. UPL 26683

    Carl N. Garrott, 93rd Bomb Group

  31. UPL 37747

    Gen. Wood, Detail, 19 September 1944.

  32. 452nd BG Document 33851

    *1st/Lt James A. Compton piloted the B-17, 42-31368. The crew were 730th BS. The pilot, and Co-pilot, 1st/Lt. Alexander M Marva; *2nd/Lt...

  33. Louis R Quinlan Photos Document 37746

    Louis R. Quinlan Receiving his wings and commission of Lieutenant on May 20, 1943 at Selman Field, LA.

  34. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 650

    Personnel of the 44th Bomb Group stand atop the engine of a B-24 Liberator nicknamed "Vagabond King". They are (left to right, sitting): Staff...

  35. UPL 37745

    Biggs Field, 2 September 1941.

  36. UPL 37744

    2nd Lt. George A. Klaar, Navigator, top row, far right

  37. Blekinge Läns Tidning UPL 22177

    Salvaged radio receiver from B-17, 42-31192 (YB-R), crashed in Farabol, Sweden. On display on local exhibition.

  38. UPL 37742

    News clipping of SSGT Eugene Moran riding wreckage after being shot down.

  39. UPL 37743

    509th crew, Rufus Hanchett tip row, 2nd from right.

  40. UPL 37738

    Jack Dieterle's drawing of the Steaua Romana refinery complex with the dry riverbed where Lt. Horton's plane crash landed.

  41. UPL 37739

    Jack Dieterle's letter detailing the crash of Lt. Horton's aircraft.

  42. UPL 37737

    Lt. Robert Horton.

  43. UPL 37734

    Robert W. Schwellinger and Crew. Swellinger is second from the left in the back row.

  44. UPL 37735

    Captain Robert W. Schwellinger

  45. UPL 37736

    Robert W. Schwellinger

  46. UPL 37733

    Harold L. James

  47. UPL 37732

    Lt's Robert A Foster and Paul S Casey Jr.

  48. UPL 37731

    Gravestone of 2nd. Lt .Calvin Webb, 78th Fighter Group, 82nd Fighter Squadron, at Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial

  49. UPL 37730

    Gravestone of William Newton III, 78th Fighter Group, 84th Fighter Squadron, at Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial

  50. UPL 37729

    Captain William F. Hunt , Pilot, 78th Fighter Group, 84th Fighter Squadron.