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  1. UPL 51912

    George P. Matanic

  2. Leroy James teachey UPL 51911

    Recovered Items from 42-39960 wreckage

  3. Leroy James teachey UPL 51910

    another of the engines at site of the crash I think

  4. Leroy James Teachey UPL 51909

    Belgian friends with Motor from 42-39960

  5. Leroy James Teachey UPL 51908

    From Friends in Belgium who have adopted our service peoples graves

  6. Leroy James Teachey UPL 51907

    Picture is from his original photo with crew of 42-31564

  7. Leroy James Teachey UPL 51906

    Original crew of 42-31564

  8. Leroy James Teachey UPL 51905

    2nd Lt. Teachey in Dress Blues

  9. Bernard Priebe UPL 51899

    Spirit of Alcohol. LG-U 91st BG, 322 Squadron

  10. Bernard Priebe UPL 51898

    41-24254 Luftwaffe's Waterloo AKA Motsie

  11. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 1321

    Captain Sherman (wearing sunglasses) of the 387th Bomb Group stands with his crew, including Lieutenant Keefe (furthest right) and B-26 Marauder...

  12. UPL 15297

    The B-24D Liberator 42-40775 Wolf Wagon in the 8th AF, the 389th BG, and the 565th BS, flew on the Ploesti oil refinery raid piloted by Kenneth...

  13. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 1416

    Sergeant Creegan and Sergeant Peek, ground crewmen of the 385th Bomb Group install a camera into a B-17 Flying Fortress. Image stamped on reverse; ...

  14. UPL 51897

    B-24D - Lil De-icer - 42-40965 - Note : This airplane should not be confused with the, Lil De-icer, B-24D, 41-11836, in...

  15. UPL 15246

    B-24D Liberator bomber, Lil De-icer. - Note : Not known if this photo is a photograph of aircaft , 41-11836.

  16. UPL 51889

    Alvin G Duncan

  17. UPL 51890

    Alvin G Duncan

  18. UPL 51888

    "Sgt. Marvin E. McManus of Montgomery City, Missouri, ball turret gunner on the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress "Hard To Get" is passed out of the...

  19. UPL 51887

    B-17G Sioux Princess Vogel Crew:...

  20. UPL 51886

    Sioux Princess with pilot Charles R. Vogel

  21. UPL 51882

    43-39209 Sioux Princess

  22. UPL 51881

    Lt Williams and crew. A/C in the crew photo is the Sioux Princess 43- 39209

  23. Nguyễn Đức Khang collection UPL 51880

    News article on his release from POW status published on 15 June 1945 in the Franklin Evening Star. Franklin, IN

  24. Nguyễn Đức Khang UPL 51879

    Personal bracelet of Sgt Manzberger

  25. UPL 14127

    Nose art of the B-24D Liberator, 42-40322, named, Cornhusker, in the 415th BS, 98th BG, 9th AF. Lost - Shot down over the Ionian Sea by Bf-109G's...

  26. UPL 14126

    B-24D Liberator, 42-40322, Cornhusker, of the 9th Air Force, the 98th Bomb Group, and the 415th Bomb Squadron was shot down over the Ionian Sea by...

  27. UPL 14868

    B-24 Liberator, 42-40071, named, Margaret Ann II, in the 68th Bomb Squadron, the 44th Bomb Group, and the 8th Air Force. Flown by Lt. Coleman...

  28. UPL 15200

    B-24D Liberator - 41-23661 - Black Jack - Unique Mission Markers : Horse Shoes with a mule for nose art....

  29. John Simmons Young Collection UPL 15198

    B-24 Liberator - 41-23661 - Black Jack - 345th Bomb Squadron - 98th Bomb Group - 9th Air Force, and crew, flew on Ploesti oil refinery...

  30. John Simmons Young Collection UPL 15860

    B-24D - 41-23816 - Black Jack - Crew. 8th Air Force - 44th Bomb Group - 68th Bomb Squadron. Right Side - Aircraft lost on Oct...

  31. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 636

    The crew of the B-24D Liberator, serial number 41-23778, named, Jenny, in the 44th Bomb Group, returns to Shipdham following a raid on Germany, 27...

  32. UPL 14042

    The B-24D Liberator, 41-23778, Jenny. Later, named, Lady Luck, it was assigned to the 66th Bomb Squadron, the 44th Bomb Group, and the 8th Air...

  33. UPL 51877

    The B-24D, first named, Jenny in Britain, was renamed, Lucky lady, after TDY to the 9th Air force and Benghazi, Libya. It's nose art of Lady luck...

  34. UPL 14039

    B-24D Liberator, 41-23778, Lady Luck from the 66th Bomb Squadron, 44th Bomb Group, and the 8th Air Force, flew on the Ploesti oil refinery raid...

  35. UPL 14040

    B-24D Liberator, 41-23778, Lady Luck, from the 66th Bomb Squadron, the 44th Bomb Group, and the 8th Air Force, flew on the 1st Aug 43 Ploesti oil...

  36. 401st Bomb Group UPL 51876

    Staff Sgt. Leonard C. Stewart, standing 3rd from left, 401st Bomb Group

  37. UPL 51841

    Lt. Raymond Buthe, 447BG

  38. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 640

    A medical truck and ground personnel of the 44th Bomb Group on standby as a B-24D Liberator with the RCL, V, and the serial number 41-23813, named,...

  39. UPL 22993

    The B-24D, 41-24229, named, Seeds Of Satan and it's crew. 1942 - 43.

  40. UPL 51875

    The B-24D - named, Buzzin' Bear, Seeds Of Satan, and Miss Delores, flew on the Ploesti mission and returned to base. 1 Aug 43. ~ Buzzin'...

  41. UPL 51874

    SSgt. Gola G. Gibby was an engineer and the top turret gunner on his assigned B-24D, Buzzin' Bear, also named, Seeds Of Satan, and Miss Delores. ...

  42. UPL 51873

    Liberty Bell in-flight on a mission

  43. UPL 51872

    Liberty Bell pre- or post-mission

  44. UPL 51871

    The B-24D, with three different names : Miss Delores, Buzzin' Bear, and Seeds Of Satan, with the serial number, 41-24229. In the 8th Air...