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  1. UPL 26751

    Crew of B-24 'Unconditional Surrender'. The man furthest on the right is Frederick Karl Schultz. He survived 25 complete missions and made it back...

  2. UPL 38816

    2nd Lt. Fred F Kingsbury

  3. P-47 Pilot UPL 38813

    1st Lt John H Cline Jr

  4. UPL 38812

    "1 SAD-2 JULY 44 (2057)(WPU BATTLE DAMAGE P47 42-76297 ST-AUBIN-SUR-MER) FR"...

  5. UPL 38811

    "Wreckage of a Republic P-47D, which crashed during the D-Day invasion, lies on the battle-scarred beach of Normandy, France. 22 June 1944."...

  6. 554th Bomb Squadron 386th Bombardment Group UPL 38810

    SSGT Robert F. Birch (L) of Little Rock, Arkansas and co-pilot Arthur Blackett of Boston in front of the Texas Tarantula (41-18284 RU-M) in...

  7. Lt. Marvin Gasster UPL 38808

    Marvin's Madhouse Air Crew

  8. Lt. Marvin Gasster UPL 38807

    42-50619 Marvin's Madhouse B-24J

  9. Lt. Marvin Gasster UPL 38806

    42-50619 B-24J aka Marvin's Madhouse

  10. Lt. Marvin Gasster UPL 38805


  11. UPL 38804

    2nd Lt. David Reynolds Hughes

  12. UPL 38803

    Ira Trevor Shepard, Navigator, 96th Bomb Group - ready for mission

  13. UPL 38802

    A photograph my Grandfather (Philip G Rodgers) sent to my Grandmother (Charlotte)

  14. UPL 38801

    Formation plan of a mission by 398th Bomb Group, 603rd Bomb Squadron. It includes aircraft 42-102476, which was shot down.

  15. UPL 38799

    A crew from 398th Bomb Group, 603rd Bomb Squadron.

  16. UPL 38800

    A crew from 398th Bomb Group, 603rd Bomb Squadron.

  17. UPL 38797

    The Military Service Record for Philip G. Rodgers Showing His Completion Of 30 Missions As Well As The Awards He Received

  18. UPL 38096

    Raymond Charles Byrnes, Sr of the 447th Bomb Group.

  19. UPL 38793

    Model of a B-17 Flying Fortress nicknamed "Fortress McHenry " of the 332 Bomb Group, 94th Bomb Group, owned by Ralph H Brant, who flew on the...

  20. UPL 38796

    Captain Donald A Reihmer

  21. The Clemente Family UPL 38794

    Thomas Clemente - 390th Heavy Bombardment Group - 568th Bomb Squadron

  22. UPL 35154

    The John R Israel crew with their B-17 43-38834 "Frenesi II" John Israel is Front row Left. "Duke"Brown is Back row left.

  23. USAAF (Public domain) UPL 38792

    Pride of the Yanks, 94th BG...

  24. Lupton, Graham UPL 38791

    14128351 - O-832430 - 2nd Lt. Graham Lupton - born: 1922 - Nativity: North Carolina...

  25. UPL 38759

    Uncle Red Burial info in Ardennes American Cemetery

  26. USAAF Archives UPL 38761

    B-17G 42-38093 on the bomb run.

  27. UPL 38760

    John Michael 'Jack' Conroy and Guppy in background.

  28. UPL 38756

    B-24 Liberator (serial number42-95144 ) nicknamed European Clipper of the 389th Bomb Group.

  29. UPL 38758

    Lt. Harry ‘Fritz’ Rideout

  30. UPL 38757

    Lt. Harry ‘Fritz’ Rideout

  31. Robert E. Andrews UPL 38755

    Robert E. Andrews B17 tail gunner

  32. UPL 31725

    This image is correctly identified and associated with its crew chief (pictured) elsewhere on this forum. It is a much earlier Seattle built B-17G...