We found 38826 media

  1. Robert Bobby Keenan UPL 36529

    Group Photo Robert Bobby Keenan, back middle Thornton Audrain, back left Ralph Paul Smith, bottom 2nd from right

  2. Wolf UPL 41001

    44-6109 crash 4

  3. Wolf UPL 41000

    44-6109 crash 3

  4. Wolf UPL 40999

    44-6109 crash 2

  5. Wolf UPL 40998

    44-6109 crash 1

  6. Wolf UPL 40997

    44-6109 accident pg 3

  7. Wolf UPL 40996

    44-6109 accident pg 2

  8. Wolf UPL 40995

    44-6109 accident pg 1

  9. UPL 40994

    2nd Lt Charles R Dayton.

  10. UPL 40993

    S/Sgt Harold R. Telzerow

  11. UPL 40992

    S/Sgt Harold R. Telzerow

  12. UPL 40991

    S/Sgt Harold R. Telzerow

  13. UPL 40990

    Lt. Robert R Clark, 13th Photo Squadron, 7th PRG.

  14. Wolf UPL 40989


  15. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 1243

    A bomber crew of the 379th Bomb Group, and their mascot " Lt Scragg", with their B-17 Flying Fortress (serial number 42-32024) nicknamed "Swamp...

  16. Zeus UPL 40987

    Zeus 42-95353

  17. Zeus 42-95353 UPL 40986

    Zeus fuselage after crash at old buck

  18. Crew and Zeus UPL 40985

    Crew "Zeus" 42-95353

  19. Ralph Holmes UPL 40984

    M/Sgt Ralph Holmes with another, as yet unidentified M/Sgt wearing sun glasses. The F-5 is also unidentified.

  20. Ralph Holmes UPL 40983

    F-5B Lightning 42-67331 named "Modification". Detail of artwork

  21. Ralph Holmes UPL 40979

    Airfield defense position at Mount Farm among the poppies. L-R Sgt Modlin and M/Sgt McGee.

  22. Ralph Holmes UPL 40982

    F-5B Lightning 42-67331 named "Modification" on its hard stand at Mount Farm. Crew Chief was S/Sgt. Vincent P Hartung.

  23. Ralph Holmes UPL 40980

    Master Sergeant Ralph A Holmes, Line Chief of 27th Photo Squadron, stands in front of F-5C 42-67107.

  24. UPL 40978

    Personnel from the 13th Photo Squadron Photo Lab....

  25. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 5388

    An P-51K Mustang (serial number 44-11748) of the 22nd Photographic Squadron, 7th Photographic Reconnaissance Group prepares for take off at Mount...

  26. UPL 40973

    1st Lt Elmer J Nardi O-731894 511th KIA 3 Nov 43

  27. UPL 40970

    Lt. Elmer Nardi and sister, Georgia Nardi. June, 1942 at Flying Cadet School

  28. Wolf UPL 40968


  29. Wolf UPL 40967

    42-97132 MACR 10377

  30. Wolf UPL 40965

    42-97132 accident pg 1

  31. Wolf UPL 40966

    42-97132 accident pg 2

  32. Jay Ossiander Crew UPL 40964

    Jay Ossiander's crew. L-R Back Row: Penrose Reagan, Angelo Virgona, George Clarke, Donald Rouse, Ancil Anderson, Tommy Higdon.

  33. UPL 40963

    Joined the 352nd FS 353FG 8th AAF 8/21/44

  34. Bernard Tuvman Collection UPL 40962

    'Hopelessly Discouraged' Sketch of Bernard Tuvman, 1944...

  35. Bernard Tuvman Collection UPL 40953

    Sketch of an RAF Short Sterling by Bernard Tuvman

  36. Bernard Tuvman Collection UPL 40954

    This sketch captures the disabled B-17 crashing towards earth and the crew men bailing out in an effort to save their lives

  37. Bernard Tuvman Collection UPL 40955

    Front side of postcard in note to parents

  38. Bernard Tuvman Collection UPL 40956

    This was a postcard dad wrote to his mother while interred at Stalag XVII

  39. Bernard Tuvman Collection UPL 40958

    More of things made by POWs

  40. Bernard Tuvman Collection UPL 40959

    Odd things made by POWs...

  41. Bernard Tuvman Collection UPL 40960

    Dad wanted to pass along his experiences to the future generations and these are some notes he wrote to me his son.

  42. Bernard Tuvman Collection UPL 40951

    This may have been the airplane dad flew in that was based in Knettishall England

  43. Bernard Tuvman Collection UPL 40961

    The YMCA provided a scrapbook to POWs and this was dad’s title page and the inscription was scheduled by another POW.

  44. Bernard Tuvman Collection UPL 40952

    Messerschmitt 109 This may have been the German fighter that shut down my dads B17 shedonwanna?

  45. Bernard Tuvman Collection UPL 40957

    Card Game POWs used fat from Ref Cross rations to make candles so they could play cards after the lights were turned off by the German guards.

  46. UPL 40949

    Staff Sergeant James Slover, 356th Fighter Group

  47. Ralph Holmes UPL 40947

    F-5E 43-29000 "No Nothin' "of 27th Photo Squadron seen on its hardstand at Mount Farm.

  48. Ralph Holmes UPL 40948

    View of the artwork on 43-29000 27th Photo Squadron.