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  1. UPL 32593

    Crew of B24J, Serial 42-51481 with Captain Dean B. Strain (upper left). My wife's uncle William E. Neigh kneeling second from left. 8th Air Force...

  2. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 4635

    A bomber crew of the 455th Bomb Squadron, 323rd Bomb Group with B-26 Marauder YU+J, serial number 41-34692) nicknamed "Mr. Fala", 17 August 1943....

  3. UPL 32589

    View of 728 Squadron hardstand area, presumably from control tower, at Deopham Green.

  4. UPL 32588

    "King George talks with Gen Carl Spaatz, Maj Gen Ira C Eaker and Brig Gen Newton Longfellow. VIII bomber command, 8th AF England Dec-42."

  5. UPL 32587

    "Brig General Newton Longfellow, VIII Bomber command. England."

  6. UPL 32586

    "Lt Gen George E Stratemeyer and the generals who met him upon his arrival at the HQ, 1st Bomb Wing base in England pose for the photographer on 22...

  7. UPL 32585

    "Under secretary of war Robert M Lovett chats with Brig Gen Newton Longfellow and Lt Col Fargo, during their visit to the 390th Bomb Group base in...

  8. UPL 32584

    "The recipients of decorations which were conferred on behalf of King George VI by the Earl of Halifax, British ambassador to the United States...

  9. UPL 32583

    "Brig General Newton Longfellow, VIII bomber command, England Jul-44."

  10. UPL 32582

    "Lt J Lewis of the 862nd Bomb Sqn 493rd Bomb Group 8th Air Force wearing the Distinguished Flying Cross. 12-Oct-44 England."

  11. UPL 32581

    Lead crew 837BS, 487BG, 8th AF....

  12. Personal effects of Billy J. Murray UPL 26291

    William J. "Mickey" Maguire, flew P-47D "Boston Bull" and later P-51D "Lil Boston Bull". He was credited with 7 air kills and was a top squadron...

  13. UPL 32580

    Willie F Hunt Jr. served as a pilot with the 96th Bomb Group.

  14. UPL 32579

    Joseph F DiSalvo

  15. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 4955

    Captain Marvin Tipp and Second Lieutenant John R. Murray of the 385th Bomb Group (Intelligence Section) study images of the target before a mission...

  16. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 2164

    An Intelligence officer of the 7th Photographic Reconnaissance Group examines an image of bomb bursts through a microscope. Image stamped on...

  17. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 2162

    An intelligence officer of the 7th Photographic Reconnaissance Group and two assistants examine a processed film on a light box. Image stamped on...

  18. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 1415

    Lieutenant-Colonel Preston Piper of the 385th Bomb Group reports to intelligence officer First Lieutenant John Murray after a mission. ...

  19. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 4919

    Major James G. McDonald, Lieutenant-Colonel Elliott Vandevanter Jr and Major Preston Piper of the 385th Bomb Group examine maps. ...

  20. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 4950

    Major James G Mcdonald, Major Preston Piper and Major James H Lewis, intelligence officers of the 385th Bomb Group, examine a map. ...

  21. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 4951

    Major Lewis of the 385th Bomb Group (Intelligence Section) reads a battle order. ...

  22. UPL 32573

    Crew photo taken in the United States. Jerome Devine is kneeling on the far right. Rest of the crew unknown.

  23. UPL 32578

    Record relating to Arthur Bowen Johnston

  24. UPL 32577

    Information sheet from a friend in Holland (his family has adopted & takes care of Arthur Bowen Johnston's plot in the Netherlands American Cemetery).

  25. Philip G. Hulse UPL 28939

    Philip G. Hulse July 7, 2012 B-17 Ride Spirit of St. Louis Airport EAA Aluminum Overcast B-17G

  26. UPL 32576

    Nose art of the B-17 Flying Fortress (serial #44-83575) painted in the colors of 'Nine-O-Nine', serial #42-31909. This B-17 is owned by the...

  27. UPL 32575

    2nd Lt Cecil C McNeish 837BS, 437BG, 8AF. Navigator on B-17G 44-8746.

  28. UPL 32574

    Jerome C. Devine. From family photo collection of Mary Buchanan Oria. Photographer unknown. Houston, TX, 2018.

  29. UPL 32572

    The walls of the missing at the American Cemetery, Margraten (The Netherlands)

  30. Phillips Family UPL 32571

    Location Unknown, but Lymington (USAAF Station 551), or A-10 Carentan, France likely.

  31. Collection of Phillips Family UPL 32570

    Lt. W. John Phillips, and Crew Chief, 10th FS, 50th FG. USAAF Station 551 (Lymington), Hampshire, UK

  32. UPL 32569

    "B-17G 44-8746 of the 837th Bomb Sqn, 487th Bomb Group goes down in flames after a direct flak hit during a raid on Oranienburg - 15th March 1945."

  33. UPL 32568

    "After calmly saying over the radio, ' And if i don't make it, good luck to you ' a 25 year old Texan, pilot of an 8th AF Boeing B-17, gave his...

  34. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 10579

    George Parker of the 466th Bomb Group. Image via George Parker. Written on slide casing: 'USA?'

  35. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 3925

    A B-17 Flying Fortress (ET-H) of the 336th Bomb Squadron, 95th Bomb Group during a mission over Bordeaux 5 December 1943. Correction: This is A/C...

  36. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 1232

    A bomber crew of the 379th Bomb Group return to base after a raid on Kiel in their B-17 Flying Fortress. Identified are Major Marcus M Elliott with...

  37. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 1618

    Sergeant Milton C Schwermer and Staff Sergeant Willis P Roy of the 390th Bomb Group pass their new dog mascot "Eager" through the waist gun...

  38. UPL 32567

    2Lt. Harold R. Schroeder 392nd BG - 579th BS KIA October 8, 1943 Co-pilot on "Exterminator" (Old Bolts)

  39. UPL 32557

    392nd Bomb Group. Bombing run.

  40. UPL 32558

    392nd Bomb Group. Bombers in formation.

  41. UPL 32559

    Staff Sergeant Thomas E, Benadum, Top Turret Gunner, 392nd Bomb Group and crew.

  42. UPL 32560

    Staff Sergeant Thomas E. Benadum, Top Turret Gunner, 392nd Bomb Group

  43. 388th Bomb Group Association UPL 32566

    Wilbur J Osterkamp served as a pilot with the 388th Bomb Group.

  44. UPL 32565

    Items sent to the next of kin of Newell M. Ballard after his death.

  45. UPL 32564

    Newell M Ballard

  46. UPL 32563

    "2nd Lt L Latas, navigator of the 490th Bomb Group, wears the Distinguished Flying Cross presented to him on 7-Dec-44 at an 8th AF base in England."

  47. UPL 32562

    1st Lt Manuel A Head 562BS, 388BG, 8AF seen here in the hot seat of a C-47.

  48. JCook Photo Collection & Archives UPL 32561

    Capt Sully Varnell 52nd FG

  49. UPL 32556

    Claude Ipher

  50. UPL 32555

    Charles Awrajcewicz