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  1. UPL 7229

    Halesworth Airfield Museum. Mr Kanwisher's signature is in the left-hand cabinet.

  2. UPL 7230

    Mr Kanwisher's sinature is at top-left.

  3. UPL 7228

    Germany Gaggenau Bad Rotenfels

  4. UPL 7226

    Crew #683...

  5. UPL 7225

    SSGT James Auman (G), TSGT Russell F. Taylor (FE), Albert F. Rapuano (G)...

  6. UPL 7224

    B-24H-20-FO #42-94886 "No Feathered Injun" Code: 6L-U 466th BG - 787th BS

  7. Chris Brassfield Collection UPL 6418

    B-24H-15-FO #42-52598 Guess Who's Here 466th BG - 787th BS Code: 6L-O

  8. 466th BG Archives UPL 6368

    B-24H-10-DT 41-28747 Gruesome Goose 466th BG - 787th BS 6L-B

  9. Chris Brassfield Collection UPL 6417

    B-24H-15-CF #41-29402 Mad Monk 466th BG - 784th BS & 787th BS Codes: T9-D & U8-U

  10. 466th BG Archives UPL 6454

    B-24H-15-CF #41-29384 Polaris...

  11. 466th BG Archives UPL 7221

    B-24H-10-DT #41-28746 "Jamaica?" Code: 2U-O SSGT George Koc (right) w/ local English boy Mike Smith and Sgt. Roberts.

  12. UPL 7220

    SGT Daniel O'Brien Camera Technician 466th BG

  13. Chris Brassfield Collection UPL 7219

    Aerial View of Station 547 Abbots Ripton Home of the 2nd Strategic Air Depot serving the B-17 fleet of the 8th AF

  14. UPL 7218

    James K. Roberts, Radio Operator Gunner, is on the far left.

  15. UPL 7217

    James K. Roberts Radio Operator Gunner 100th BG 349th BS

  16. UPL 7216

    T SGT Clayton W. Turner, (Aerial Photographer) 486th Bomb Group 834th Squadron

  17. UPL 7215

    de Havilland DH98 Mosquito PR XVI "D" NS585, 653rd Bombardment Squadron, 25th Bombardment Group, 8th AF, RAF Watton. Transferred to Armee de l'Air...

  18. UPL 7214

    B-24H-25-FO #42-95194 "Ol' Witch" Code: 6L-J 466th BG - 787th BS

  19. UPL 7212

    Major John O. Cockey Commanding Officer - 787th BS KIA 16 September 1944

  20. UPL 7210

    The same area of Ostermoor, Germany today. The oil refinery was rebuilt and appears to still be in operation today

  21. UPL 7209

    Strike Photo - Ostermoor, Germany oil refinery...

  22. UPL 7208

    Eldred's last vist Home to see his Parent's and Sibs, prior to his Last Mission over the Caribbean and Atlantic.

  23. UPL 7207

    Calvin Garrison Radio Operator's crew photo

  24. UPL 7206

    Calvin Garrison, Radio Operator, POW, 306th Bomb Group

  25. UPL 7205

    de Havilland DH98 Mosquito NF MK 30 MT482 belonging to the 416th Night Fighter Squadron, 12th Airforce, Italy. Posted Missing in action in North...

  26. UPL 7204

    Donald Ramone Kent, Radio Operator, B-17 Radio Operator

  27. UPL 7203

    Jake (left), James Robert Callahan, Jr. (middle), Flight leader (right) in front of Vultee BT-13 trainer 1944 during CTD training at Augustana...

  28. UPL 7202

    James Robert Callahan, Jr. Aviation Cadet See also https://sites.google.com/site/8thafhsmn/pictures/james-r-callahan-aviation-cadet

  29. UPL 7197

    One of Eldred's Cards provided by siblings Gail R. (Gray) Benedict .

  30. UPL 7198

    Graduation Announcement provided by Sibling Gail R. Gray Benedict.

  31. UPL 7199

    Copy of Photograph of Eldred at Columbus Field prior to graduation. Photo provided by Sibling Gail R. Gray Benedict.

  32. UPL 7200

    Eldred A. Gray

  33. UPL 7196

    B-17F-50-BO 42-5392 AKA "Stric Nine." 427BS, 303BG(H). This A/C has been confused with B-17F 42-3192 "G for George"

  34. UPL 7195

    B-24J-165-CO #44-40454 "Betta Duck" Code 2U-D 466th BG - 785th BS

  35. UPL 7194

    Lt. Arthur K. Leatherwood 7th PRG - 13th PRS Mount Farm

  36. UPL 7193

    Lt. Charles H. Cole 7th PRG - 13th PRS Mt. Farm

  37. UPL 7192

    James H. Keeffe, Jr.

  38. UPL 7191

    1LT Robert E. Wheeler Bombardier Crew # 401/635 Thomas K. Trainer Crew 466th BG - 784th and 786th Bomb Squadrons

  39. UPL 7190

    Richard J. Kaminski

  40. UPL 7188

    James Keefe, 95th Bomb Group, Past President of the 8th AFHS-MN.

  41. UPL 7187

    Roger W. Erickson Crew

  42. UPL 7186

    de Havilland DH98 Mosquito PR Mk XVI, MM384 654th BS, 25th BG, 8th AF - Minor damage, Port undercarriage collapsed on landing, RAF Watton/ USAAF...

  43. UPL 7185

    Crew #665...

  44. UPL 7184

    2nd Lt Lawrence Cook Crew: Back Row L to R: Thomas Mikulka-TG; John J Alexander, Jr-WG; Milo Blakely-WG; Jay Joyce-RO; John R Kyler-BGT; John...

  45. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 7428

    Captain Bloom of the 514th Fighter Squadron, 406th Fighter Group sits in the cockpit of his P-47D serial 44-33353 "Bloom's Tomb" (code O7-R...

  46. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 7436

    P-47D serial number 42-26860 "Angie" (coded L3-O) of the 512th Fighter Squadron, 406th Fighter Group at Asch, Belgium. Image via John Quincy.

  47. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 7414

    Two P-47Ds of the 514th Fighter Squadron (blue nose trim), 406th Fighter Group start their engines whilst ground personnel work on the engine of a...