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  1. 466th BG Archives UPL 13124

    LT Earl H. Nichols Co-Pilot Crew #421 - Eugene Godbout Crew

  2. UPL 13123

    returned parcel back to 2LT Gills family

  3. UPL 13122

    Telegram stating 2LT Gills jaw has been fractured.

  4. UPL 13121

    2LT Joseph F. Gill ~ MIA

  5. UPL 13120

    2LT Joseph F. Gill named as a POW

  6. UPL 13119

    2LT Gill POW info

  7. UPL 13118

    42-30046 BK-H, "MERRIE HELL", 384th Bomb Group, 546th Bomb Squadron. Shot down on 8th AF mission #81, 12 August 1943.

  8. UPL 12994

    466th Bomb Group aircraft markings.

  9. UPL 13112

    42-102501 BK-H, THE CHALLENGER, 384th Bomb Group, 546th Bomb Squadron

  10. UPL 13111

    445th Bomb Group Memorial, Tibenham Airfield, Norfolk.

  11. UPL 13110

    445th Bomb Group Memorial, Tibenham Aifield, Norfolk.

  12. UPL 13109

    445th Bomb Group Memorial, Tibenham Airfield, Norfolk.

  13. UPL 13108

    703rd Bomb Squadron insignia.

  14. UPL 13107

    702nd Bomb Squadron insignia.

  15. UPL 13106

    701st Bomb Squadron insignia.

  16. UPL 13105

    700th Bomb Squadron insignia.

  17. UPL 13103

    Capt. Stanley E Silva, 354th Fighter Squadron. P-51K 44-11667 WR-B “My Catherine S”.

  18. English Heritage RAF Photography RAF_HLA_499_V_6013

    Aerial photograph of Heston looking west, 24 April 1942. Photograph taken by No. 1 Photographic Reconnaissance Unit, sortie number RAF/HLA/499....

  19. UPL 13102

    SAMEUL MASSEY ELLICOTT, JR 1LT U.S.A.A.F. B-24 Pilot Left to Right 3rd man standing.

  20. UPL 13101

    Samuel M. Ellicott III receives an air medal on behalf of his father, 1LT Samuel Massey Ellicott, JR. B-24 Pilot & POW

  21. UPL 13100

    SAMUEL MASSEY ELLICOTT, 1LT, U.S.A.A.F. B-24 Pilot 445th BG ~ 2nd Combat Wing ~ 2nd Air Division ~ 8th AF ~ 702nd Bomb Squadron

  22. UPL 13099

    Sergeant Marion D. Ross

  23. UPL 13096

    Crew #530...

  24. UPL 13094

    Group burial plot at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery , St. Louis County, Missouri, USA...

  25. UPL 13093

    Lt. Elmer "Buster" L Mercurio. 338th Fighter Squadron. P-51D 44-13743 CL-X "Skippy" Skippy was nickname of his wife Kathleen. Lettering in red with...

  26. UPL 13092

    43-38757 SO-L, PEASLEE'S PAYOFF 384th Bomb Group, 547th Squadron. Named for the 384th Bomb Group's first commanding officer, Colonel Budd J. Peaslee.

  27. User Upload UPL 5436

    Col. Budd Peaslee, Commanding Officer, Scouting Force (Experimental) with his P-51D Mustang 44-13283 YF/-A "Carolyn Ann" named for his wife. Photo...

  28. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 1339

    Bob James- co-pilot, Fred Heiser- pilot and John Hill- navigator, all of the 385th Bomb Group with a B-17 Flying Fortress. Image via Tim Bivens....

  29. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 7066

    Father Christmas disembarks from a C-47 Skytrain of the 316th Troop Carrier Group to greet a crowd of children. The 316th Troop Carrier Group...

  30. UPL 13091

    A B-17 Flying Fortress (serial number 42-30246) nicknamed "Spot Remover" of the 390th Bomb Group after force landing on a farm near Tirstrup,...

  31. UPL 13090

    A B-17 Flying Fortress (serial number 42-30246) nicknamed "Spot Remover" of the 390th Bomb Group after force landing on a farm near Tirstrup,...

  32. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 9379

    P-47 Thunderbolts, including (serial number 44-89820) of the 86th Fighter Group in Germany 1950. Image via Dave Birch. Handwritten caption on...

  33. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 9380

    A P-47 Thunderbolt (FB5, serial number 44-21034). Image via David Birch.

  34. UPL 13088

    Sergeant Thomas H Wagner of the 94th Bomb Group.

  35. UPL 13087

    B-24J-1-FO #42-50717 "Berlin Bound" Code: 2U-Y...

  36. UPL 12948

    Arthur John Osepchook, Ball Turret Gunner, 546th Bomb Squadron, 384th Bomb group. POW on 8th AF mission# 252, MACR 3005

  37. American Air Museum Memory Book UPL 6525

    Paul "Nick" Carter of the 545th Bomb Squadron, 384th Bomb Group.

  38. UPL 13085

    EVERETT MORRISON ODOM, S/SGT , U.S.A.A.F. B-24 Tail Turret Gunner Left to Right= Kneeling, 3rd man

  39. UPL 13084

    EVERETT MORRISON ODOM, S/SGT , U.S.A.A.F. B-24 Tail Turret Gunner

  40. UPL 13083

    EVERETT MORRISON ODOM, S/SGT , U.S.A.A.F. B-24 Tail Turret Gunner on #42-7554 "Tail End Charlie" KIA= 22 DEC 1943

  41. UPL 13082


  42. UPL 13081

    JOSEPH J. PAVELKO, S/SGT , U.S.A.A.F. Ball Turret Gunner B-24 #42-7554 "Tail End Charlie" Standing ~ Last man on right side. KIA = 22 DEC 1943

  43. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 1284

    Personnel of the 384th Bomb Group don their flight gear before a mission to Berlin in their B-17 Flying Fortress. Image stamped on reverse: 'Passed...

  44. UPL 13080

    JOSEPH F. GILL JR., 2LT U.S.A.A.F. Navigator - B-24 #42-7554 "Tail End Charlie" Left to Right = standing, 4th man

  45. UPL 13079

    ANTHONY LOUIS DESTRO, 2LT , U.S.A.A.F. B-24 Bombardier on #42-7554 "Tail End Charlie" KIA = 23 DEC 1943

  46. UPL 13078

    born ERWIN JAMES BEVINS (later in life changed his first name to EDWIN)...

  47. UPL 13077

    JOHN R. ELDER, T/Sgt., U.S.A.A.F. ~ B-24 Engineer & Top turret Gunner from Le Flore County, OK USA