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  1. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 5311

    A sketch of the "Boxing Chicken" fighting eagle insignia of the 4th Fighter Group riding a P-47 Thunderbolt by Sergeant Milton S Osterday. Based on...

  2. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 5348

    A cartoon by an airman of the 4th Fighter Group. Photograph of artwork taken by CWO Edward Richie. Handwritten on slide case: "Mural Debden Ed Richie"

  3. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 5331

    A drawing of pin ups, a P-51 Mustang and the "Boxing Chicken" fighting eagle insigina of the 4th Fighter Group based on a mural that decorated a...

  4. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 5328

    A drawing of pin ups, a P-47 Thunderbolt and the "Boxing Chicken" fighting eagle insigina of the 4th Fighter Group based on a mural that decorated...

  5. UPL 6444

    Improved version of FRE 5327 courtesy of Mark Richie, Edward Richie's son....

  6. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 12

    Crew Chief Staff Sergeant Glesner E Weckbacher of the 336th Fighter Squadron, 4th Fighter Group leans on the wing of P-51D Mustang ( serial no. 44...

  7. UPL 6443

    FRE 5319 is a cropped version of this photograph....

  8. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 5319

    This is a cropped and reversed version of a photo was taken on 13 April 45 by Edward Richie. Col. Everett Stewart (Sunny VIII) Group CO is on the...

  9. UPL 6442

    Palmer C. Pontius

  10. UPL 6441

    Huie Lamb outside Duxford Officers' Mess. Image courtesy of Huie Lamb.

  11. UPL 6440

    Huie H. Lamb Jr. Image courtesy of Huie Lamb.

  12. UPL 6437

    B-24J-401-CF #42-50465 "Damifino" Codes: T9-K & 2U-O 466th BG - 784th BS & 785th BS

  13. UPL 6436

    Crew #554...

  14. UPL 6434

    "E" Flight Pilot description

  15. UPL 6435

    "E" Flight picture from Feb 1, 1945

  16. UPL 6432

    Arnold Mettel's Escape Kit Picture

  17. UPL 6433

    Arnold Mettel's Escape Kit document in Russian signifying towards the end of the war

  18. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 5168

    The insignia of the 701st Bomb Squadron, 445th Bomb Group.

  19. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 5169

    The insignia of the 702nd Bomb Squadron, 445th Bomb Group.

  20. UPL 6430

    Headstone of Sgt. Eldon R. Personette, who was Killed In Action on 26 November 1944.

  21. UPL 6429

    Insignia of the 313th Fighter Squadron

  22. UPL 6428

    Insignia of the 50th Fighter Group

  23. UPL 6413

    Herbert Nuttall - 1928 student year book entry.

  24. UPL 6427

    Col. Thomas A. Personett, USAF

  25. UPL 6426

    Unofficial insignia of the 563rd Signal Aircraft Warning Battalion

  26. UPL 6425

    Unofficial insignia of the 563rd Signal Aircraft Warning Battalion

  27. English Heritage USAAF Photography US_13PH_207_FP_1076

    Aerial photograph of Grove airfield looking east, Wantage is to the right, 21 April 1943. Photograph taken by 13th Photographic Squadron, 7th...

  28. UPL 6420

    B-24H-20-FO #42-94902 Stardust 466th BG - 784th BS & 786th BS Codes: T9-P & U8-S

  29. UPL 6419

    B-24H-15-FO #42-52597 Lady Lightning 466th BG - 784th BS & 786th BS Codes: T9-M & U8-W

  30. UPL 6416

    B-24H-15-CF #41-29392 Madame II 466th BG - 787th BS Code: 6L-I

  31. UPL 6415

    Crew #551...

  32. UPL 6412

    Marriage of Bert Nuttall to Muriel F Hitchcock.

  33. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 3674

    Ground personnel of the 91st Bomb Group inspect the crumpled propellors on a B-17G serial 43-37707 "Madame Shoo Shoo" (coded LG-M) of the 322nd...

  34. UPL 6410

    Earl "Pete" Grimm

  35. UPL 6409

    Earl "Pete" Grimm

  36. UPL 6408

    Earl "Pete" Grimm

  37. UPL 6407

    Earl "Pete" Grimm and unknown crew member

  38. UPL 6406

    Unknown crew member and aircraft taken at Attlebridge

  39. UPL 6405

    Earl "Pete" Grimm and others

  40. UPL 6404

    Earl "Pete" Grimm and friend

  41. UPL 6403

    Earl "Pete" Grimm

  42. UPL 6402

    Ground crews working on engine #4

  43. UPL 6401

    Found with my grandfathers photos. Front, Back, and Transcription.

  44. UPL 6399

    Dirty Gertie B-24H-15-CF #41-29366 "Dirty Gertie" 786th BS Code: U8-G

  45. UPL 6397

    Earl "Pete" Grimm

  46. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 5252

    The insignia of the 487th Fighter Squadron, 352nd Fighter Group. This image is printed backward. Should face left. Was approved as the Official...

  47. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 338

    Lt. William R. Preddy, 503rd FS 339th FG, Fowlmere. Younger brother of Major George E. Preddy, Jr., 328th, 487th FS 352nd FG, top scoring Mustang...

  48. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 547

    Three P-51 Mustangs of the 369th Fighter Squadron, 359th Fighter Group fly together in formation. The aircraft foreground to background are: (IV-P,...