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  1. American Air Museum Memory Book UPL 6647

    Kenneth Peterson of the 4th Fighter Group with his P-47 Thunderbolt (VF-F, serial number 41-6539) nicknamed "Arizona Pete".

  2. American Air Museum Memory Book UPL 6645

    Kenneth Peterson of the 4th Fighter Group with his family.

  3. UPL 6644

    Captain Emery (circa 1944) having some fun posing

  4. American Air Museum Memory Book UPL 6638

    Richard C Gardner of the 447th Bomb Group. Gardner has dedicated the image: 'With Love- Dick.'

  5. American Air Museum Memory Book UPL 6634

    Albert Greenberg of the 96th Bomb Group holding his A-2 flying jacket decorated with mission markings and nose art for a B-17 Flying Fortress...

  6. American Air Museum Memory Book UPL 6633

    Gerald Guinan Jr and an airman of the 467th Bomb Group.

  7. UPL 6631

    Roy F. Emery top row on right.

  8. American Air Museum Memory Book UPL 6628

    Russ of the 362 Fighter Group in the cockpit of his P-47 Thunderbolt

  9. American Air Museum Memory Book UPL 6627

    Robert E Farrell and Leslie Goss of the 332nd Bomb Group on leave in Paris, on VE Day.

  10. American Air Museum Memory Book UPL 6624

    The headstone of First Lieutenant Alfred Wayne Edes of the 379th Bomb Group at Normandy American Cemetery, Plot D, Row 15, Grave 45.

  11. American Air Museum Memory Book UPL 6623

    1st Lieutenant Alfred Wayne Edes of the 526th Bomb Squadron, 379th Bomb Group

  12. UPL 6622

    Photography from Poland after forced landing. Pictured probably Soviet soldiers.

  13. UPL 6621

    43-27520, B17G, 'G.I. Jane', 560BS/388BG [F], Knettishall, England

  14. UPL 6620

    42-30340, B17F, 'Dry Run' and 'Screamin Red Ass', assigned 563BS/388BG [Z], Knettishall, England

  15. UPL 6619

    42-30195, B17F, 'Blind Date', assigned 560BS/388BG [E], Knettishall, England

  16. UPL 6606

    B-17G, 43-37923, 'Naughty Marietta', 837BS/487BG, Lavenham, England

  17. UPL 6393

    Captain René L Burtner Jr of 369th Fighter Squadron, 359th Fighter Group with his P-51D 44-72366 coded IV-D and named "Hubert". The crew members...

  18. UPL 6612

    Huie Lamb and Brussels on Duxford's domestic camp.

  19. UPL 6613

    Huie Lamb and Brussels on the Duxford tennis court.

  20. UPL 6614

    Huie Lamb and Brussels at Duxford

  21. UPL 6611

    Huie Lamb (left) and John I Brown III on Duxford's north side. Huie is holding the camera with which he took many of the photographs displayed on...

  22. UPL 6610

    Huie Lamb (left) and Robert 'Bob' Abernathy with Brussels the terrier. Image courtesy of Huie Lamb.

  23. UPL 6609

    John Childs (left) and Huie Lamb with 'Brussels' the dog. Brussels was owned by Huie's friend, Tory Eggleston, who brought him back from leave in...

  24. UPL 6608

    John Childs (left) and Huie Lamb (right). Huie's face is bandaged following his ditching in the North Sea when he hit the gunsight. Childs led the...

  25. UPL 6607

    Donald C Primmer, 0824873, assigned 487BG, 837BS, Lavenham, England, 16-Nov-44 to 28-Mar-45

  26. UPL 6604

    Richard C. Baynes Crew...

  27. UPL 6603

    Crew #609...

  28. UPL 6602

    Captain Everett R. Jones

  29. UPL 6601

    B-24H-25-CF #42-50364 "This Is It!" Code: 2U-T 466th BG - 785th BS

  30. UPL 6598

    Staff Sergeant William House, crew chief of P-51D Mustang 44-14966, OS-S "Luscious Lu" of the 357th Fighter Squadron, 355th Fighter Group, talks to...

  31. UPL 6596

    P-51D Mustang serial number 44-14966 "Luscious Lu" coded OS-S of 357th Fighter Squadron, 355th Fighter Group and assigned to Lieutenant Robert H...

  32. UPL 6595

    Ft Sam Houston National Cemetery, San Antonio TX Section M Site 64.

  33. UPL 6594

    1Lt Guy E. Cole, Jr.

  34. UPL 6593

    Fred Littleton/Talmadge Slaughter Crew...

  35. UPL 6592

    B-24H-20-DT #42-51099 "Belle" Code: 2U-G (Foreground) 466th BG - 785th BS

  36. English Heritage RAF Photography RAF_106G_UK_1646_RP_3080

    Aerial photograph of Aldermaston airfield looking south. This is post WW2 shot when the airfield had been taken over by BOAC as an aircrew training...

  37. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 2167

    Mirrors fitted to an Lockheed F-5 Lightning of the 7th Photographic Reconnaissance Group . Image stamped on reverse: 'Esten Illustrated.' [stamp], ...

  38. UPL 6590

    B-17G-45-BO #42-97328 Heaven's Above Code: T 388th BG - 561st BS

  39. UPL 6589

    T/Sgt. Ivan N. Finkle Radio Operator Lowell Watts Crew 388th BG - 562nd BS Shot down on 6 March 1944. POW

  40. UPL 6588

    B-17G-15-DL #42-37886 Blitzing Betsy Code: U 388th BG - 562nd BS Harry Allert - Ground Crew Chief Lowell Watts Crew Shot down 6 March 1944

  41. UPL 6587

    Fort Worth Gal Nose Art

  42. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 308

    Fire crew attend to the crash site of P-38 Lightning (CG-O, serial number 42-67667) at Duxford air base. The aircraft was being flown by Second...

  43. UPL 6584

    Major Evan Mc Call and P-51D 44-13309 "Fools Paradise IV".

  44. UPL 6583

    Major Evan Mc Call's P-51D A9-A, 44-13309, 'Fools Paradise IV' of 380th FS, 363rd FG.

  45. UPL 6582

    P-51D 44-13309 'Fools Paradise IV' of 380th Fighter Squadron, 363rd Fighter Group. Mount of Major Evan Mc Call.

  46. UPL 6581

    Major Evan McCall's P-51D 44-13309 'Fools Paradise IV' of 363rd FG, US 380th FS at Maupertus Airfield near Cherbourg, Normandy, France, Jul 4-12...

  47. UPL 6580

    P-51B 43-7065 GQ-W named Wild Bill. Behind, the P-51B named Ding Hao !, the mount of Lt Col. James Howard, CO of the 354th FG.

  48. UPL 6579

    Lt. John F Thornell Jr. 328th Fighter squadron. P-51B 42-106872 PE-T_ "Pattie Ann II". Person in photo is Corp. Howard Polin of 18th Weather Squadron.

  49. UPL 6578

    Crew #505...

  50. UPL 6577

    B-24H-15-FO #42-52524 The Lemon Code: 2U-D 466th BG - 785th BS