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  1. UPL 7150

    SSGT Harm Krull Tail Gunner Crew #607/431 466th BG - 786th and 784th Bomb Squadrons

  2. Chris Brassfield Collection UPL 7147

    B-24H-25-DT #42-51158 "Super Chief" Code: 2U-S 466th BG - 785th BS Had served briefly with the 784th BS and carried the code T9-S

  3. UPL 7145

    Newspaper clipping sent through about the crew of B-17 'Dottie Jane'.

  4. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 6771

    A B-17 Flying Fortress of the 487th Bomb Group in flight. Image via Mark Brown, AFA. Written on slide casing: 'B-17G 02. 48134 R5.'

  5. UPL 7143

    Anthony L. Destro, 2nd LT US Army

  6. UPL 7142

    John B Baudoin

  7. UPL 7141

    Ernest Dehotels - Paper Doll Pilot 42-3345

  8. UPL 7139

    Ed Schultz in front of a P-47. Likely Martlesham Heath.

  9. UPL 7136

    S / SGT Ed Schultz

  10. UPL 7140

    Staff Sergeant Ed Schultz and Unidentified Sergeant in a P-47. Likely Martlesham Heath.

  11. UPL 7138

    Murray T. Byrd Radio Operator Jack Mitsch Crew 452nd BG - 730th BS

  12. UPL 7135

    James R. Rasmussen Navigator B-17, 100th Bomb Group, at St. Francis High School, teaching history students about WWII.

  13. UPL 7134

    James R. Rasmussen, B-17 Navigator, 100th Bomb Group, talking to history students about WW II at St. Francis High School, MN.

  14. UPL 7133

    James A. McLaughry, B-24 Pilot, 1st Lieutenant, 8th AF, 392 BG, 576 BSq, Wendling, England, 23 missions Aug. 1944-early 1945. Personal Pilot of...

  15. UPL 7132

    Norman C. (Norm) Grant, Sr. B-24 Navigator, USAAF, 8th Air Force, 493rd Bomb Group, 860th Bomb Squadron, Base # 152 Ipswich, England. Norm Grant...

  16. UPL 7131

    Clifford B. Digre, B-17 Ball Turret Gunner, United States Army Air Forces, Eighth Air Force, 457th Bomb Group, 749th Squadron....

  17. UPL 7130

    Ralph Pettyjohn, Ball Turret Gunner, B-17 Flying Fortress; U.S. Army Air Forces,...

  18. UPL 7129

    Robert Campbell, 406th Bomb Squadron

  19. UPL 7128

    Alfred F. Anderegg, (Al), October 12, 2011 8th AFHS-Mn

  20. UPL 7127

    Crew #402...

  21. UPL 7126

    Lawrence W. Bachman, (Larry) Lt., B-24 Pilot/Co-pilot, United States Army Air Forces, Eighth Air Force, 2nd Division, 392nd Bomb Group (Wendling...

  22. UPL 7125

    Lawrence Glenn Taylor (Larry) 1st Lt., Navigator, B-24j Liberator, Squadron Intelligence Officer, United States Army Air Forces, Eighth Air Force,...

  23. UPL 7123

    Earl B. Joswick B-17 Ball Turret Gunner, "Ten Aces" 95th Bomb Group, 334th Bomb Squadron, POW

  24. UPL 7120

    Raymond John Prozinski, B-17 Tail Gunner and F-80 Pilot

  25. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 1686

    Two airmen of the 398th Bomb Group examine the damaged tail of a B-17 Flying Fortress. Damaged received while on the April 8,1945 mission to Derben...

  26. UPL 7118

    Woolf Pack in combat

  27. 342nd Bomb Squadron UPL 7115

    342d Bombardment Squadron Emblem

  28. UPL 7113

    S/SGT Robert S. Kinsey 1943

  29. UPL 7112

    Lt. Robert G Young Jr., 374th Fighter Squadron. P-51D 44-15365 B7-G “GaLLoping Goose”. Photo of Lt. Young taken on return from an escort mission to...

  30. UPL 7111

    Lt. Robert G Young Jr., 374th Fighter Squadron. P-51D 44-15365 B7-G “GaLLoping Goose”. Name of a/c was due to the slightly irregular sounding beat...

  31. UPL 7109

    Lt Vernon Richards P-51D-5NA Mustang 44-13357 "Tika IV" of the 374th FS / 361s t FG / 8th AF. Later assigned to Lt. Alfred B Cook Jr who renamed...

  32. UPL 7108

    Lt. Otto P. Nuerauter Navigator Crew #673/491 - William E. Hendrix Crew B-24J-1-FO #42-95609 "Ghost Too" Code: T9-T 466th BG - 784th BS

  33. UPL 7107

    Lt. Charles J.J. Goffin 7th PRG - 14th PRS - 8th AF Belgian pilot flying with the USAAF

  34. Chris Brassfield Collection UPL 7106

    F-5C-1-LO #42-67121 7th PRG - 22nd PRS I believe this photo was taken at Attlebridge in February 1944.

  35. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 6183

    P-51 Mustangs of the 359th Fighter Group, 20th Fighter Group, 353rd Fighter Group and 357th Fighter Group with a P-38 Lightning at Debden. Taken by...

  36. UPL 7104

    Lt. Michael J. Cambon in 2013. His wartime uniform still fits! Navigator James S. Ritter Crew - Crew #642 466th BG - 786th BS

  37. UPL 7103

    B-24J-155-CO #44-40320 "Generator Jenny" Code: 2U-E 466th BG - 785th BS

  38. UPL 7101

    Richard Lockwood Alderman

  39. UPL 7102

    Richard Lockwood Alderman

  40. UPL 7100

    P-51's of the 355th FG - 354th FS buzzing Attlebridge Airfield

  41. UPL 7099

    Crew #651...

  42. Chris Brassfield Collection UPL 7098

    Ground personnel painting the "2U" code of the 785th BS onto a new B-24 466th BG - 785th BS Attlebridge

  43. UPL 7097

    A winter scene at Attlebridge. The aircraft on the far right appears to be B+24H-20-FO #42-94799 "Paper Doll" Code: U8-N sitting on Reventment #3...

  44. UPL 7096

    A formation of 466th BG aircraft. Note some of the aircraft have the old style "Circle L" tail marking and others have the newer red tail with the...

  45. T/SGT Stanley J. (Wimpy) Skira UPL 7094

    851st Bomb Squadron, Eye Airfield, UK

  46. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 3613

    The nose art of B-17F serial 42-29793 "Sheila B. Cummin" (coded LL-F) of the 401st Bomb Squadron, 91st Bomb Group.

  47. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 3626

    An airman of the 91st Bomb Group relaxes atop a bulding at Bassingbourn. Image by William D "Bill" Pulliam, 91st Bomb Group, Photo Unit.