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  1. USAAF (Public domain) UPL 38883

    92 nd BG BUZZ BIGGY B-17G-VE

  2. UPL 38882

    Philip K Troetschel

  3. Blackburn, James R. UPL 38879

    James R "Jimmy" Blackburn

  4. Blythe Smyth UPL 38878

    Roanoke Times Newspaper Jan 1945

  5. OLLIVIER Nicolas UPL 38877

    Clamp de civière du C-47 récupéré après le crash en 1943 et conservé par Mr OLLIVIER

  6. John Simmons Young UPL 38874

    Col. John R Kane

  7. UPL 38873

    A Portrait of herbert J Miller taken in London

  8. UPL 38872

    Herbert J Miller in one of his Charges

  9. UPL 38871

    James W Dye Jr

  10. UPL 38870

    Henry Lederer P47 Thunderbolt “ duchess of Manhattan”

  11. Charles Royal Canadian Air Force UPL 38868

    Charles E. Purdy Charles also served with the Royal Canadian Air Force before he served with the 95th Bombardment Group H

  12. UPL 38867

    John Boyd

  13. UPL 38866

    Aug 13, 1943 Front - Seyfried, Marxmeyer, Hubbard Rear - DePillis, Armellineo, Riener, Merwyn, Marsh, Fry, Kramer, Bledsoein, Windern

  14. UPL 38865

    Charles E. Purdy

  15. UPL 38864

    Black Magic- Charles Purdy spent many missions on black magic. He flew aboard this B-17 more than any other ship during WWII.

  16. UPL 38863

    SSgt Francis J Seyfried

  17. UPL 38862

    SSgt Francis J Seyfried

  18. UPL 38861

    41-23784 Miss Dianne with her Crew Chief Master Sgt. George Baccash

  19. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 3366

    Paratroopers of the 101st Airborne Division march towards the C-47 Skytrains of the 440th Troop Carrier Group at Exeter, 5 June 1944. caption on...

  20. Ira T Shepard UPL 38860

    1st Lt Ira T Shepard, Navigator and Cpl Francis Burke, Ball Turret Operator, 339th bomb squadron, 96th bomb group.

  21. UPL 38859

    Standing: T/Sgt Nick Casper (Aerial Engineer); S/Sgt Dan White (Waist Gunner); S/Sgt Roy Haney (Tail Gunner); T/Sgt Mike Dineen (Radio Operator);...

  22. 359th Fighter Group Association UPL 38858

    Lt. Buell R. Clark enlisted at Patterson Field, OH, on 14 December 1942. Assigned to the 368th Fighter Squadron on 25 March 1945, he flew six...

  23. 359th Fighter Group Association UPL 38857

    Enlisting on 18 Februray 1943, Lt. William L. Cimino joined the 368th Fighter Squadron on 25 March 1945. He flew five combat missions with the...

  24. 359th Fighter Group Association UPL 38856

    Lt. Willis J. Cherry, of Cleveland Heights, OH, enlisted in Cleveland on 27 November 1942. Joining the 368th Fighter Squadron on 16 June 1944, Lt....

  25. 359th Fighter Group Association UPL 38855

    From Waycross, GA, Lt. Donald W. Chatfield enlisted in Minneapolis, MN, on 14 August 1942. Assigned to the 368th Fighter Squadron on 16 June 1944,...

  26. Ira T Shepard UPL 38854

    1st Lt Ira Trevor Shepard, Navigator, 339th Bomb Squadron, 96th Bomb Group

  27. Ira T Shepard UPL 38853

    339th Bomb Squadron, 96th Bomb Group

  28. UPL 32764

    Boehme's Crew - 602nd Squadron - 19 July 1944...

  29. UPL 38852

    Leonard Albert Gallant

  30. UPL 38851

    William J. Bryan Simpson

  31. Paul E Blow UPL 38849

    Paul E Blow, 44th BG. 506th. Squadron. Flew last to 27 missions on D-Day as Captain on “My Everlovin’ Gal"....

  32. UPL 38847

    B-17 "Ole Timer" Painted by Joseph Bobrowicz (Tail Gunner) Crew #79 18S/34th Bomb Group

  33. UPL 38846

    Donald reinhart is second left. A photo with crewmates undertaking training in the ZI. The far right is possibly his crewmate aboard the Patsy Ann...

  34. UPL 38845

    Donald Reinhart

  35. Patrick J Connolly UPL 38844

    Patrick J. Connolly - Bombardier Crew #79 18S/34th Bomb Group

  36. UPL 38843

    B-17 "Ole Timer" featuring "Mother Connolly's Tub"

  37. UPL 38840

    The Cool Papa

  38. UPL 38842

    back of original photo with list of crew members. Note that this picture is circa 1942, so some crew members may be different than those listed in...

  39. UPL 38841

    Joseph Vandenboom

  40. Arnold Watterson via 384th BG Assc. UPL 38839

    Sad Sack 42-30196 of 384th BG. Olive Drab over gray. Angled cheek gun positions of late block F-90-BO.

  41. Clyde UPL 38838

    Radioman Gunner Douglas L. Peterson of Pop's Wagon, 1944. B-26.

  42. UPL 38837

    William E. Scharbach

  43. Clyde UPL 38836

    1944 England; Front row D.C. Kremm Engineer Gunner, D.L. Peterson Radio Gunner, H.S. Chasteen Gunner, Tail. Back Row "Bunney" Charlie Navigator, W....

  44. Millard Greer UPL 38835

    Malcolm Finnis, witness to the crash of B-17 43-39068 when a school boy. From this experience Malcolm spent most of his life in the aircraft...

  45. Millard Greer UPL 38834

    Brian Cole. When just a few months old he was passed around for the crew of the crash-landed B-17, 43-39068, to hold!

  46. Millard Greer UPL 38833

    Ted Finnis, witness to the crash of B-17 43-39068. As a schoolboy he remembers seeing this B-17 just minutes after it crashed landed. ...

  47. Millard Greer UPL 38832

    Cannon P. Kerr, Martha, Rebecca Simcox, chair of St.Margaret’s Parish, at the crash site Memorial of B-17 43-39068, 487th Bomb Group, 838th Bomb...

  48. Millard Greer UPL 38830

    Earl Casey (centre) nephew of Frank Casey at the crash site of B-17, 43-39068. The lady in red is Rosemary Casey, Frank's daughter