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  1. UPL 31007

    Capt Lee D "Dutch" Eisenhart on the wing of his P-51B 42-106933, 504th Ftr Sq, 339th FG. Officially credited with one confirmed aerial victory.

  2. UPL 31006

    Capt Lee D "Dutch" Eisenhart of the 504th Ftr Sq, 339th FG climbs into the cockpit of his P-51B 42-106933, coded 5Q-G. The aircraft was nicknamed ...

  3. UPL 31005

    Lt. Melvin L Cernicky is depicted here during training in the US alongside an Alison engined P-51A.

  4. UPL 30992

    Robert H Brown's crew photo

  5. UPL 31002

    James B. Walden POW ID photo from German files at Stalag Luft I

  6. UPL 31003

    James B. Walden POW ID photo from German files at Stalag Luft I

  7. UPL 31004

    James B. Walden POW ID dog tag issued at Stalag Luft I

  8. UPL 30840

    1st Lt. William R. Slovak of El Campo, Texas.

  9. UPL 31001

    James B. Walden flight school graduation photo (1943)

  10. UPL 31000

    Jack Basel from crew photo

  11. UPL 30999

    Ed Rosener from crew photo

  12. UPL 30998

    Raymond Ohm from crew photo

  13. UPL 30997

    Ernie Hovey from crew photo

  14. UPL 30996

    William Giglio from crew photo

  15. UPL 30995

    Mike Ferrara from crew photo

  16. UPL 30994

    JJ Fann cropped from crew photo

  17. UPL 30993

    Brown cropped from crew photo

  18. UPL 30991

    Jack Basel cropped from crew photo

  19. UPL 30989

    Jack Basel (Cropped from Crew photo)

  20. 388th BG Archives UPL 30988

    John C. Mouat Crew...

  21. 388th BG Archives UPL 30987

    SSGT Edward Parsons Tail Gunner John C. Mouat Crew 388th BG - 561st BS

  22. UPL 30986

    2LT Henry R. Sampson Co-Pilot John C. Mouat Crew 388th BG - 561st BS

  23. 388th BG Archives UPL 30985

    SSGT Bernard A. Johnson Ball Turret Gunner John C. Mouat Crew 388th BG - 561st BS

  24. 388th BG Archives UPL 30984

    Captain William D. Roberts - 388th BG Dentist SGT Charles A. Bein - Waist Gunner on the Eccleston Crew - 561st BS

  25. UPL 30983

    Sleepytime Gal 43-38362 from 306th BG files

  26. Document 30982

    Sleepytime Gal crash site

  27. UPL 30979

    Capt. John Cearley Jr. 374th Fighter Squadron. P-51D 44-15365 B7-G "Queen Jean"

  28. UPL 30978

    Capt. John Cearley Jr. 374th Fighter Squadron. P-51B 42-106875 B7-D "Queen Jean".

  29. UPL 30977

    1LT Thomas Leo Toolin Bombardier Chaffin & Eccleston Crew 388th BG - 561st BS KIA 20 December 1943

  30. UPL 30976

    SSGT David L. Ceely Tail Gunner Kenneth Eccleston Crew KIA 20 December 1943

  31. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 1486

    A bomber crew of the 388th Bomb Group with their B-17 Flying Fortress (serial number 42-30193) nicknamed "Hard Luck". Handwritten caption on...

  32. UPL 30975

    Capt. John Cearley Jr. 374th Fighter Squadron. P-51D 44-15365 B7-G "Queen Jean".

  33. UPL 30974

    Lt. Herbert L Caywood, [Shelton MO], 505th Fighter Squadron. Assigned a/c currently unknown however he is known to have suffered a take-off...

  34. UPL 30685

    TSGT Stanley Stanczkiewicz (AKA Stanley Stanley) and Brother-in-law Frank Bisbing enjoying his return home; Photo taken sometime in May 1945.

  35. Bottisham Airfield Museum UPL 17946

    Major Roy B. Caviness, Commander of the 376th Fighter Squadron. Bottisham, Cambridgeshire, possibly March 1944. Museum object reference no. BAM_0085

  36. Bottisham Airfield Museum UPL 18412

    Roy B. Caviness, 376th Fighter Squadron Commanding Officer, with his P-47 Thunderbolt E9-C serial no. 42-22784 nicknamed 'Goona'. Feb. 1944,...

  37. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 3330

    Lieutenant Colonel Roy Caviness, of the 376th Fighter Squadron, 361st Fighter Group in the cockpit of his P-47D Thunderbolt. Handwritten caption on...

  38. UPL 30973

    "As the wheels of the last flight of P-51 Mustang Fighter Group left the ground on take-off on a late afternoon, heavy bomber escort mission over...

  39. UPL 30972

    Lt.Col. Roy B Caviness. 376th Fighter Squadron. P-51D 44-14251 E9-C "Goona II".

  40. UPL 30971

    English civilians eagerly clamber all over P-51 44-14251 'Contrary Mary' of the 78th Fighter Group during an air force day show at Duxford, England...

  41. Condry1 UPL 30970

    In God We Trust. #423425 Shot down 6 September 1943

  42. UPL 16998

    Bob (fourth from left), on the day he was awarded the Air Medal and Oak Leaf Cluster, and promoted to captain in 1944. ...

  43. UPL 30969

    SSGT Donald W. Taylor Waist Gunner Lowell Watts Crew 388th BG - 562nd BS Trying to get some sleep in the crew hut at Knettishall

  44. UPL 30968

    SGT Donald Taylor with his young son, Donald, Jr. Taylor tragically would be KIA on his son's 1st birthday, 6 March 1944

  45. 388th BG Archives UPL 30967

    B-17G-20-BO #42-31577 "Aquila" Code: O 388th BG - 560th BS John M. Sande Crew Individuals not identified in the photograph

  46. 388th BG Archives UPL 30966

    TSGT James F. Tierney Radio Operator Ralph Jarrendt Crew 388th BG - 560th BS

  47. UPL 30965

    B-17G-30-BO #42-31760 "Icky Poo" Code: D 388th BG - 561st BS

  48. 388th BG Archives UPL 30964

    B-17G-5-BO #42-3518 "Lady Lillian" Code: Z 388th BG - 561st BS