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  1. UPL 40036

    Grainy photo of B-17F 42-31028 'Mojo' and ground crewman.

  2. UPL 40035

    Capt Harry R Simons and fellow crew mates receive counselling from the Chaplain. 'Dick' Simons is 2nd from right.

  3. UPL 40034

    Nose art of B-17 42-31028 'Mojo' 524BS, 379BG, 8AF. Note the battle damage patches.

  4. UPL 40033

    Crew formed in front of B-17 42-31028 'Mojo' 524BS, 379BG, 8AF.

  5. UPL 40032

    "A crew* of the 379th Bomb Group poses in front of a Boeing B-17 "Mojo" at an 8th Air Force base in England on 30 January 1943."...

  6. UPL 40031

    "Lt. Simons and crew of the 379th Bomb Group pose beside the Boeing B-17 "Flying Fortress" at an 8th Air Force base in England, 31 August 1943."...

  7. UPL 40030

    Portrait of Lt Harry Richard 'Dick' Simons

  8. UPL 40029

    Capt Harry Richard 'Dick' Simons 379th Bomb Group.

  9. Fred Wright UPL 40021

    Lt. Col. Frederick Wehrle Wright

  10. UPL 40028

    Lt. Sanford N Groendyke newspaper snippet, He was the Co-Pilot on B17 43-38518 351st Bomb Group, which crashed on October 3th 1944 hit by...

  11. UPL 40027

    Gerald Arthur “Gerry” Dannewitz and his wife Eleanor Celeste Moutray headstone at Little Rock Township Cemetery ...

  12. UPL 40026

    1Lt. Gerald Arthur “Gerry” Dannewitz and his wife Eleanor Celeste Moutray...

  13. UPL 40025

    1Lt. Gerald Arthur “Gerry” Dannewitz in a cockpit of a B17 bomber

  14. UPL 40024

    Gerald Arthur “Gerry” Dannewitz and some of his crewmembers

  15. UPL 40023

    1Lt. Gerald Arthur “Gerry” Dannewitz

  16. UPL 40022

    1Lt Gerald Arthur “Gerry” Dannewitz

  17. 445th Bomb Group Targets UPL 33374

    445th BG - Mission #258 - 21 Mar 45...

  18. UPL 40020

    "Lt. Dahl and crew of the 379th Bomb Group poses beside the Boeing B-17 "Flying Fortress" at an 8th Air Force base in England, 31 August 1943."

  19. UPL 40017

    Myron F. Boerschinger, T/SGT

  20. UPL 40013

    "A crew of the 379th Bomb Group poses beside a Boeing B-17 "Flying Fortress" "Fatso" at an 8th Air Force base in England, 24 March 1944."...

  21. Document 40016

    Edited Field Order #506: Madgeburg Sep. 28, 1944 describing The Lost Angel (a/c 42-38183) returning to base with no incident.

  22. John Simmons Young UPL 39572

    Col. John R. Kane was the command pilot of his chosen B-24 for the Ploesti Bombing mission, 'Hail Columbia'. Just before the mission, Kane...

  23. John Simmons Young UPL 31977

    B-24 Liberator, # 41-11825, Col. John R. Kane's chosen aircraft, 'Hail Columbia'. For the Ploesti Mission, Kane named the plane, 'Hail Columbia'...

  24. UPL 40014

    Lt Frank Anthony Banell class of 43-14

  25. John Simmons Young UPL 39170

    Col. John R. Kane was awarded the Congressional Medal Of Honor for his leadership and courage during Operation Tidal Wave over Ploesti, Romania. ...

  26. John Simmons Young UPL 39941

    B-24D 'KICKAPOO' , originally assigned to Lt. John S. Young, 9th AF, 98th BG, 344th BS. 'KICKAPOO' crashed and was lost on takeoff for the...

  27. John Simmons Young UPL 39938

    'Hail Columbia' at Lete Airfield, Benghazi, 1943. One of five lead aircraft for the Ploesti bombing mission, flown by Group Leader Col. John R....

  28. John Simmons Young UPL 39794

    B-24D the 'KICKAPOO' and crew with pilot Lt. John S. Young on far right before the mission to bomb Ploesti, 1943. John Young and his regular crew...

  29. John Simmons Young UPL 39596

    Lt. Robert J Nespor, killed in action on 1 August 1943. Lt. Nespor was reassigned to fly Lt. John S. Young's regular airplane, 'KICKAPOO' with...

  30. Swamp Gal-RASC UPL 39947

    B17 possibly Swamp Gal (Tortorella airfield, Foggia, Italy, July 1944) WW2

  31. UPL 40012

    Trench Art portrait of Alfred Fischer by Lt. Joseph W. Kell drawn January 1944.

  32. UPL 40011

    B-17 "Green Parrott" Crew Members of Crew #3244...

  33. UPL 19812

    Kimbolton Castle is a country house in Kimbolton, Huntingdonshire, Cambridgeshire, England. It was the final home for King Henry VIII's first wife...

  34. George A. Kain UPL 40000

    2nd Lieutenant George A. Kain, pilot B-17F #42-29746, WIA return bombing mission to Kassel, Germany Jul. 30, 1943. KIA in POW hospital Aug. 4, 1943.

  35. UPL 36843

    Robert O Anderson, 2nd Lt., 94th Bomb Group, Navigator

  36. UPL 40010

    Hardy 'Red' Preston White Jr

  37. UPL 38405

    "A crew of the 379th Bomb Group poses beside a Boeing B-17 "Flying Fortress" "Fatso" at an 8th Air Force base in England, 27 February 1944."...

  38. UPL 40009

    William L Clanton

  39. UPL 40008

    Walt Cranson in 1944.

  40. UPL 40007

    Thomas M. Sisson in uniform.

  41. UPL 40006

    Bernard L. Hutain

  42. UPL 40005

    Sergeant Joseph F. Martin , 447th Bomb Group

  43. Star Eyes Crew UPL 40004

    Russ Jones, Clark Benington, Richard "Dick" Leitch, and Mack Dodson, members of the crew of Star Eyes, in Dyersburg, TN, June 1944

  44. Star Eyes Crew UPL 40003

    SSgt Richard Higgins in Dyersburg, Tennessee, June 1944

  45. UPL 40002

    B-17 42-102688, "Statement of Charges". Pictured dated January 3, 1945.

  46. Angeren War Monument UPL 40001

    Sept. 1, 2019 dedication of a war memorial in Angeren, The Netherlands, honoring the 8th USAAF 379th/524th crew of B-17F 42-29746 that crashed...

  47. Document 39998

    1LT Darril F. Roufs' biography which appears etched on a 16" x 18" stainless steel plate at the Winsted Veterans Memorial in Winsted, Minnesota,...

  48. UPL 39999

    1st Lt. Darril F. Roufs' grave marker at Ardenne American Cemetery, Belgium

  49. UPL 39996

    Lt. Gen. James H. Doolittle's uniform on display at the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum in Udvar-Hazy.