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  1. UPL 36340

    "Left to right: Capt. John E. Stewart, Ambler, Pa.; 1st Lt. John L. Jerstad, Racine, Wis.; 1st Lt. Benjamin B. Klose, Escondido, Calif.; 1st Lt....

  2. UPL 36339

    "Capt Benjamin B Klose, San Antonia, TX bombardier of a Liberator of the 93rd BG, is about to throw the switch which will release 1,000 pounds of...

  3. UPL 36323

    Handsome Bastard: Onner D. Davis, 385th BG, Great Ashfield

  4. UPL 36337

    OFF Spring , 42031917 named for the newborn son of original pilot Duane (Pappy) PangleFrom Rick Davis, son of Onner D. Davis II, Co-Pilot

  5. UPL 36338

    "At an airbase somewhere in Germany, a casualty of 9th Troop Carrier Command is placed aboard a Douglas C-47, which will transport him and many...

  6. UPL 36336

    "After breakfast, the pilots are briefed on the targets for the day. L To R: 2nd Lt. Henry N. Bourquin, Union City, Nj.; Maj. Wilfred B....

  7. UPL 36335

    "Aerial view of Stalag Luft III, German prisoner of war camp for air force personnel, at Sagen, Germany. Thousands of American air force prisoners...

  8. UPL 36334

    John A Cederlind

  9. Charles Chester Clausen UPL 36330

    Bomber Crew. Charles Chester Clausen on lower right.

  10. Charles Chester Clausen UPL 36326

    Charles Chester Clausen

  11. Charles Chester Clausen UPL 36327

    Charles Chester Clausen in cockpit.

  12. UPL 36318

    Her Last Flying Day Ends Sweden

  13. UPL 36313

    "Aerial view of German prison of war camp Stalag 7A near Moosburg, Bavaria, Germany, where thousands of US AF prisoners of war were imprisoned...

  14. UPL 36311

    The Francis C. SMEDLEY crew....

  15. UPL 36310

    "A sheet of solid flame streams from the wing of a Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress of the U.S. 8th Air Force as it banks out of formation and heads for...

  16. Hutchinson & Cortright UPL 24438

    Crew members of Bomb' N Belle :...

  17. 397th Bombardment Group 1944. Rivenhall, Essex, UK UPL 36305

    397th Bombardment Group mural, Rivenhall Airfield, Essex. Photos taken April 2017. ...

  18. Letter from Lt. Joe Tate to my Aunt. UPL 24328

    Lt. Tate was KIA weeks after he sent this letter....

  19. Kelli Powers Britt, Great-Niece UPL 36304

    Military issued Bible returned to family after Sgt. Charles D. Powers MIA on March 25, 2944

  20. Kelli Powers Britt, Great-Niece UPL 36303

    Purple Heart awarded to Sgt. Charles D. Powers, posthumously

  21. Kelli Powers Britt, Great-Niece UPL 36302

    Purple Heart awarded to Sgt. Charles D. Powers, posthumously

  22. Kelli Powers Britt, Great-Niece UPL 36301

    War Department letter confirming the death of Sergeant Charles Powers .

  23. Kelli Powers Britt, Great-Niece UPL 36299

    Uncle Charles at an amusement park in New York just before he shipped out to overseas. He never returned home...

  24. BHRowland UPL 36249

    B-17E 41-2626 "Rockell's Raider"

  25. UPL 36281

    Sergeant Kasper Simms, 493rd Bomb Group

  26. UPL 36292

    Tombstone of Staff Sergeant Ernest P. Hovey, 306th Bomb Group

  27. UPL 36296

    1LT Jerome Banicki Bombardier 320th BG - 444th BS - 12th AF Shot down and captured 16 June 1944

  28. UPL 36295

    Philip R. Anzalone

  29. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 8693

    A crew chief of the 317th FS 325th Fighter Group, 15th Air Force in the cockpit of his P-51 Mustang (30) nicknamed "Ballsout II"....

  30. UPL 36294

    "A Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress delivers its load of high explosive and incendiary bombs over the city of Nurnberg, Germany, during the U.S. 8th AF...

  31. UPL 36293

    1st Lt. Robert C. Thoman, Rochester, NY, who recently shot down an Me-109, examines the cockpit of a similar enemy plane at a former Luftwaffe...

  32. Gillespie, Joseph Hugh UPL 36284

    Joseph Hugh Gillespie, Enlisted in WWII on 08/14/1942, shot down over Brunswick, Germany after 29 bomber missions on 02/20/1945.

  33. UPL 21437

    B17G 42-31613 NV-N 'Sharon Kay' 325BS/92BG 1944 Belly Landing at Podington Base Bedfordshire UK Station 109. Note : This video can only be viewed...

  34. Valerie Lemanski Holley Collection UPL 27657

    Pilot: 1st Lt. Richard F. Lemanski 96th Bomb Group 339th Bomb Squadron...

  35. UPL 36291

    The Curtis Miller Crew...

  36. UPL 36290

    B-26B-5-MA #41-17845 320th BG - 444th BS

  37. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 6271

    A B-26 Marauder (serial number 42-96322) of the 320th Bomb Group, 12th Air Force in flight.

  38. UPL 36289

    Decimomannu Airfield

  39. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 6270

    B-26 Marauder (serial number 42-107783) nicknamed "Thumper II" of the 320th Bomb Group, 12th Air Force in flight.

  40. UPL 36288

    B-26F-1-MA #42-96322 Code: #07 320th BG - 443rd BS

  41. UPL 36287

    B-26B-10-MA #41-18305 Cpde: #14 320th BG - 441st Bomb Squadron

  42. UPL 36286

    B-26B-15-MA #41-31573 "Little Chum" Code: #28 320th BG - 442nd BS

  43. UPL 36285

    Insignia of the 320th BG B-26 Marauder unit in the 12th AF

  44. IWM UPL 36283

    Second World War formation badge for the United States 9th Air Force (United States Army Air Force). The shoulder sleeve insignia was approved by...