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  1. IWM UPL 40557

    B-17 Flying Fortress (serial number 44-83735) painted in the livery of a B-17G of the 96th Bomb Group, on display at the American Air Museum, IWM...

  2. UPL 40556

    Sgt. Michael Woyurka, Woreester Sunday Telegram

  3. UPL 40555

    Sgt. Michael Woyurka, 457th Bomb Group. The bomber on which he was a turret-gunner went down over France and he was captured.

  4. Staff Sargent Howard Malcom Byrne UPL 40551

    Staff Sargent Howard Malcom Byrne (far left) about to accept the Distinguished Flying Cross, for “extraordinary achievement” while participating in...

  5. UPL 40548

    the crew of Charles R Phillips...

  6. UPL 40547

    Lamoine D. Solberg, 95th Bomb Group, Unit 412

  7. UPL 40546

    The Shearer Crew...

  8. UPL 40544

    Nicholas J Macri

  9. Clyde E. Bible UPL 40541

    French Underground Photo 1944. All airmen were to keep this picture on them in case they had to bail out over enemy territory .Used for the French...

  10. UPL 40540

    1st Lt Robert L Sprout in 43-38454 Poddington

  11. Sgt. Clyde E. Bible UPL 40542

    Sgt. Bible (on left next to the wall )and his crew celebrate VE Day at the local Pub in Mendlesham ,UK . Pictured on the right his Pilot Lt....

  12. UPL 40539

    B-24 42-94879 'Collapsible Susie' 18BS, 34BG, 8AF

  13. Brossmer UPL 40536

    Robert V. Brossmer

  14. UPL 40534

    B-24 42-51209 'The Wrangler' 20 missions with the 34th BG between 6 Jul - 24 Aug 44.

  15. UPL 40532

    B-17's 43-38113 'Wee Willie's Wolves' and 44-8528 'Flak Sack'.

  16. UPL 40530

    George Keating with his daughter's dog, Yogi, in 2004

  17. UPL 40529

    George Keating and wife wedding portrait 1946

  18. UPL 40528

    George Keating in 2009

  19. UPL 40524

    B-24 Liberator 42-95071 Pot Luck

  20. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 5869

    B-17 Flying Fortresses including (serial number 42-37716) of the 96th Bomb Group on the 338th Bomb Squadron's dispersal area at Snetterton Heath in...

  21. UPL 40522

    Sgt Mitchel Charles Turek 4BS, 34BG, 8AF.

  22. UPL 40521

    Earl Green

  23. 466th Bomb Group UPL 22819

    Kenneth E Blackburn (left), Unidentified, Arnold Reberg (right). Correction: Roy Hurst(left) , Bill Foreman (Center), Arnold Reberg ...

  24. UPL 40520

    B-24H 42-94869 'Male Call' 4BS, 34BG, 8AF.

  25. UPL 40519

    B-17 Navigator Harold Arnold Steiner Jr 34BG, 8AF.

  26. UPL 40518

    Letter in English and Dutch

  27. UPL 40516

    T/Sgt Carroll E Forister

  28. UPL 40515

    B-24 42-94911 'Sweet Sioux' 34BG, 8AF. Crashed 7-Jun -44 at Wetheringsett, with Pilot Wilmer J. Dreher.

  29. UPL 40514

    B-24 42-94911 'Sweet Sioux' 34BG, 8AF. Lt Warren J. Kiley and crew.

  30. UPL 40513

    B-24 42-94911 'Sweet Sioux' 34BG, 8AF. Pilot Lt Warren J. Kiley.

  31. UPL 40512

    B-24 44-40458 'Picadilly Tilly' 34BG, 8AF. Shown with the Bice crew. Left-Right: Blackham, Forister, Bialas, Woelfel, Humphreys, Bice and Rowley.

  32. UPL 40511

    B-24 44-40458 'Picadilly Tilly' 34BG, 8AF. Shown with the Bice Crew....

  33. UPL 40510

    B-24 44-40458 'Picadilly Tilly' 34BG, 8AF. Lt Swenson and crew.

  34. UPL 40509

    B-24 44-40458 'Picadilly Tilly' 34BG, 8AF.

  35. Mitch Peeke UPL 40508

    This photo was taken by 2nd Lt Teddy Chronopolis from 44-6133 during a training flight inTexas, 1944. Photo: Jeanne Cronis-Campbell by kind...

  36. MitchPeeke. UPL 40507

    Memorial to the crew of B 17 44-6133 of the 525th Squadron, 379th BG. The memorial was raised by Mitch Peeke for the 75th Anniversary of the crash,...

  37. IWM UPL 40506

    Detail of four-stringed banjo formerly owned by Sergeant Homer R Golden, and signed by personnel of the 4th Fighter Group and local civilians.

  38. IWM UPL 40505

    Four-stringed banjo formerly owned by Sergeant Homer R Golden, and signed by personnel of the 4th Fighter Group and local civilians.

  39. Hrupek Family Collection. Document 40501

    1Lt Willard L Kreft, Peoria, IL, P-38 Lightning 43-28341 CG-O "Peoria Pulverizer" and crew members including crew chief T/Sgt Vincent L. Hrupek.

  40. Hrupek family collection. UPL 40499

    T/Sgt Vincent L. Hrupek receiving his Bronze Star.

  41. UPL 40504

    B17 42-31043, landing gear collapsed on return to base

  42. UPL 40503

    B17 43-37905 379th Bomb Group

  43. UPL 34965

    T/Sgt Thomas J. Campana Sr. Radio Operator/Gunner, 701st Bomb Squadron 445th Bomb Group

  44. UPL 40496

    SSGT Charley Vernon Neely (with wife Helen) Tail Gunner Darrell Boucher Crew 453 BG - 735 BS

  45. UPL 40494

    SSGT Charles Goettling and crew

  46. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 9010

    An Illustration of the Wilhelmshaven raid, 3 November 1943. Image stamped on reverse: '10 Nov 1943.' [stamp], '292478.'[Censor no.] Printed caption...