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  1. NARA: Air Force Award Cards UPL 45083

    Ettry Oates’ Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC) card on page 472 at https://catalog.archives.gov/id/133420148 (NARA)

  2. NARA: Air Force Award Cards UPL 45082

    Stanley Hulewicz’ Air Medal card on page 222 at https://catalog.archives.gov/id/139466886 (NARA)

  3. UPL 45081

    Lee Bailey Gibson

  4. UPL 45078

    2nd Lt Max Levine 547BS, 384BG.

  5. UPL 45077

    Leonard C. "Skeets" Morris

  6. UPL 25653

    Reproduction of the artwork that adorned the nose of B-24J #44-10558 "Ma's Lil' Angel" of the 466th BG - 785th BS sent ny Harold Fritzler to Earl...

  7. UPL 45076

    Photo of Leonard C. Morris, "Skeets" from family collection.

  8. Frederick Family Archives UPL 37239

    1st Lt Walter R Frederick, enlited at 21 yrs old in the RCAF (Dec 1941). He flew 400 hours with them before transferring to the USAAF (Aug 1943)....

  9. Ray Edwards UPL 45074

    Ray Edwards Crew Chief

  10. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 5061

    The insignia of the 13th Antisubmarine squadron

  11. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 5229

    The insignia of the 863rd Bomb Squadron, 493rd Bomb Group....

  12. UPL 45073

    July 1944, Pyote, Texas...

  13. Frederick Family Archives UPL 45072

    Gus the Gunner - design competition at Republic for P47 Thunderbolt

  14. UPL 45071

    Eugene Bosnavits with Kittleson's Crew

  15. Boruta/Lozenski Family photo UPL 45069

    My A-2 made in memory of all the men on the 14/10/43 Mission

  16. UPL 45068

    My jacket made to remember not only Gram pa for all of the men of the AAF

  17. UPL 39804

    Back row left to right...

  18. NARA, KU Reports UPL 45066

    Identification Tag, Richard J. Waters

  19. UPL 45065

    Charles W. Haggerty

  20. NARA, KU Reports UPL 45064

    Identification Card, Soldier Sanders

  21. UPL 45063

    Alfred "Fred" A Rabo, pilot of the 305th Bomb Group and Commanding Officer of the 812th Bomb Squadron, 482nd Bomb Group.

  22. UPL 45062

    B-24D #42-40989 "Holiday Mess" Johnston's Crew (taken with "Strawberry 'Bitch'")

  23. UPL 45061

    The officers from a 493rd BG Fortress Pose in a hole caused by German Flak....

  24. UPL 45060

    Samuel Appleby

  25. UPL 45059

    Clayton Harold Surber 447th BG 710th BS Waist Gunner

  26. UPL 45058

    OBERBECK, Bernell M. T/SGT 16162032

  27. UPL 45057

    Crows Nest 42-95010 466th BG / 786th BS

  28. UPL 45056

    OBERBECK, Bernell M. T/SGT 16162032

  29. NARA: Air Force Award Cards UPL 45055

    OBERBECK, Bernell M. T/SGT 16162032 Draft Registration Card

  30. NARA: Air Force Award Cards UPL 45053

    OBERBECK, Bernell M. T/SGT 16162032 Distinguished Flying Cross GO# 193 17 Aug 1944

  31. NARA: Air Force Award Cards UPL 45054

    OBERBECK, Bernell M. T/SGT 16162032 Purple Heart GO# 87 31 May 1944

  32. UPL 45052

    James R Fink Air Force portrait

  33. JCook Photo Collection & Archive UPL 45051

    Major James Lovette 359th FG

  34. NARA: Air Force Award Cards UPL 45039

    Robert Suckow’s Air Medal card on page 1134 at https://catalog.archives.gov/id/143861078 (NARA)

  35. Downed Allied Aircraft Kampfflugzeug Unterlagen (KU) Reports UPL 45038

    German report AV 80/43 > page 8 at https://catalog.archives.gov/id/18238541 (NARA), with details given at the time by T/Sgt Espitallier, who...