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  1. John Simmons Young Collection UPL 39794

    - The B-24D - Kickapoo, with it's regular crew, and pilot, Lt. John S. Young on the far right, before the mission to bomb Ploesti. Lt....

  2. John Simmons Young Collection UPL 46485

    The B-24D, Hail Columbia's, flight officers, Lt. John S. Young, copilot, Lt. Harold Korger, bombardier, and Lt. Norman Whalen, their gifted...

  3. John Simmons Young Collection UPL 36409

    The B-24D, 41-11613, named, Florine Juju, Teggie Ann, and, The Blue Streak . This airplane did not fly on the low level Ploesti mission. 1...

  4. John Simmons Young Collection UPL 46483

    Capt. John S. Young - from Dallas, Texas - In the 9th Air Force - the 98th Bomb Group - and the 344th Bomb Squadron. Lt. Young was assigned to...

  5. UPL 51974

    Wakeman crew, 558BS, 387BG, in front of B-26 41-31640 'Lil Grim Reaper', S/Sgt Martin S Cohen stands far right....

  6. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 6564

    The nose art of the B-24 Liberator, serial number 42-52154, named, Male Call, of the 453rd Bomb Group. Image via 100th Bomb Group Association....

  7. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 1870

    Hollywood Actor Jimmy Stewart, Major James Stewart, Operations Officer of the 453rd Bomb Group, with bomber crew who flew the B-24 Liberator,...

  8. UPL 21238

    Captain James Stewart

  9. UPL 51976

    B-26B 41-31640 'Lil Grim Reaper' coded KX-K, 558BS, 387BG. Pilot Capt Thomas Wakeman.

  10. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 662

    B-24 Liberators of the 44th Bomb Group line up for take off at Shipdham in 1943. The B-24D Liberator, 41-23818, Texan II, formerly, Bela,...

  11. UPL 51975

    S/Sgt Martin S. Cohen, 387BG

  12. UPL 51973

    2LT Svante F. Laihinen Pilot 340th Bomb Group - 489th BS - 12th AF

  13. UPL 51972

    B-25J-1-NC #43-27701 "That's All Brother" Code: 9J 340th Bomb Group - 489th Bomb Squadron - 12th Air Force

  14. UPL 51971

    B-25J-1-NC #43-27694 "C-Ration" Code: 9U 340th BG - 489th BS - 12th Air Force

  15. UPL 51970

    B-25J-1-NC #43-27667 "Little Willie" Code: 9Z 340th BG - 489th BS - 12th AF

  16. Falcon Field 4BFTS UPL 51969

    John Edwards c.1942. He trained on Course 6 at Falcon Field, starting on 4 December 1941 and graduating on 5 June 1942.

  17. Falcon Field 4BFTS UPL 51968

    John Edwards trained on Course 6 at Falcon Field, starting on 4 December 1941 and graduating on 5 June 1942.

  18. UPL 51967

    TSgt Robert A Nordlohne, 387BG

  19. UPL 22590

    Back Row - Left to Right...

  20. UPL 51966

    Sgt Howard Leroy Nelson, 387BG

  21. Robert R Richmond UPL 51965

    Robert R Richmond

  22. Robert R Richmond UPL 51964

    Robert R Richmond

  23. Vernon G. Alexander Collection UPL 22228

    P-47 Thunderbolt (serial number 42-28851) of the 61st Fighter Squadron, 56th Fighter Group flown by Eugene Barnum, providing escort to Vernon Gayle...

  24. Chris Brassfield Collection UPL 17969

    B-24H-1-F - 42-7535 - Peep Sight - Code: GJ-U - 44th Bomb Group - 506th Bomb Squadron

  25. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 209

    Polish officers, who flew with the 61st Fighter Squadron, stand with Lieutenant-Colonel Frances S. Gabreski, CO of the 61st FS, 56th Fighter Group,...

  26. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 3424

    The B-24D Liberator nicknamed, Suzy Q, in the 8th Air force and the 44th Bomb Group, in flight during the raid over Ploesti. Printed caption on...

  27. UPL 13697

    B-24D-25-CO Liberator 41-24229 - Buzzin Bear of the 67th Bomb Squadron - the 44th Bomb Group - and the 8th Air Force. Pilot Maj. Bill Cameron -...

  28. UPL 51961

    B-24D - Black Jack - 41-23661. Crew with pilot, Lt. Delbert Hahn. 9th Air Force - 98th Bomb Group - 345th Bomb Squadron.

  29. UPL 51960

    B-24D - BLACK JACK - 41-23661, with RCL, M, tail fin from, The Vulgar Virgin, 42-40608.

  30. UPL 47593

    ~ Note : Photo of Black Jack, 41-23661, with, apparently, a robbed part, a vertical stabilizer with the serial number and RCL,...

  31. UPL 51958

    B-24D Black Jack - 41-23661 with The Vulgar Virgin's's vertical stabilizer, painted olive drab from the 8th AF with the Virgin's RCL, " M " ...

  32. UPL 15199

    B-24 Liberator - 41-23661 - Black Jack - 345th BS - 98th BG - 9th AF - and crew. Flew on Operation Tidal Wave, the mission to...

  33. Photo from the Woods Family UPL 51957

    Charles Lee Woods, Sayre, Oklahoma

  34. UPL 51955

    Ken Jordon, right, and his brother, David, at the family farm near Munich, Michigan, USA.

  35. UPL 51956

    Ken Jordon, center facing the camera, briefs members of a U.S. Air Force air refueling wing on Okinawa, Japan, during the Vietnam War.

  36. UPL 51954

    Ken Jordon, right, and other Welsh crew members outside the B-24 Black Cat, apparently after a mission.

  37. UPL 51953

    Ken Jordon, with pipe, and crew members off duty.

  38. Horst L Weber, AAF photos UPL 51951

    Horst "Jack" Weber (navigator) in dark slacks, pilot Nolan Sparks to his left.

  39. UPL 15067

    B-24D Liberator, 41-23809 - Hellsadroppin II - In the 329th Bomb Squadron, the 93rd Bomb Group, (TDY) temporary deployed to the 9th Air...

  40. UPL 48384

    The B-24D, Hellsadroppin', 41-23723, in the 8th Air Force, the 93rd Bomb Group, and the 329th Bomb Squadron. The pilot of Hellsadroppin', who...

  41. 493rd BG Archives UPL 51950

    S/Sgt Fred G Zurbuchen Air Medal award card

  42. John Simmons Young Collection UPL 39661

    First Lieutenant Gilbert "Gib" Hadley, the well liked young pilot in the 344th bomb Squadron of the 98th Bomb Group, and 9th Air Force. He named...

  43. John Simmons Young Collection UPL 48428

    B-24D - Hellsadroppin' - 41-23723 - Right side nose art : the Devil with a red cape riding a flying white horse and holding a large bomb...

  44. John Simmons Young Collection UPL 15229

    B-24D, 41-24195, Little Joe, flew on the Ploesti oil refinery bombing mission, returning safely to Libya. Aug 1, 1943

  45. UPL 51946

    1LT Levitt Clinton Beck , Jr.

  46. UPL 51947

    1LT Levitt Clinton Beck , Jr.

  47. UPL 51945

    1LT Levitt Clinton Beck , Jr.

  48. UPL 51943

    1LT Levitt Clinton Beck , Jr.