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  1. UPL 40084


  2. UPL 19491

    MacKinnon aircrew - 412th Bomb Sqdn B-17F-65-BO “Lonesome Polecat I” #42-29693 BACK ROW 1st Lt. Malcolm B. MacKinnon (pilot) F/O Eugene W. Wood (co...

  3. UPL 39703

    Bob Petroski crew. Alexandria Air Base, October 1943. ...

  4. 384thbombgroup.com Wartime Documents UPL 40079

    3 October 1944, 33rd Station Complement Squadron Morning Report and 5th Mobile Repair Unit Personnel List

  5. NARA UPL 40077

    Donald D. Pippitt Personal Casualty Report ...

  6. UPL 40076

    B-17G-45-BO 42-97174 GD*H "Joanne" of 534th BS, 381st BG

  7. UPL 38084

    "Spare Charlie" 42-97084 with "Joanne" 42-97174 in the background.

  8. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 1276

    B-17 Flying Fortresses of the 381st Bomb Group fly in formation. B-17s (GD-H, serial number 42-97084) and (GD-K, serial number 42-97076) nicknamed ...

  9. Ramirez Manuel A. UPL 40074

    Manuel A. Ramirez

  10. Ramirez Manuel A. UPL 40073

    Casualty Notification to Manuel's father in Phoenix Arizona 1945.

  11. Ramirez Manuel A. UPL 40072

    Enlisted Mans ID Card

  12. UPL 40070

    SSgt. John "Skip" Leroy Wilson

  13. John Coughlin Photos UPL 40069

    A B-24 of the 44th Bomb Group - taxi lineup in February 1944, at Shipdham.

  14. John Coughlin Photos UPL 40068

    B-24 42-72813, "Queen Marlene", 44th Bomb Group, 66th Bomb Squadron.

  15. UPL 40066

    B-24 42-7476, "Nice 'n Naughty", 44th Bomb Group, 66th Bomb Squadron.

  16. John Coughlin Photos UPL 40067

    B-24 42-7535, "Peep Sight", 44th Bomb Group, 506th Bomb Squadron.

  17. John Coughlin Photos UPL 40065

    Group photo of the 44th Bomb Group....

  18. Charles R Herbison UPL 40064

    2Lt Gerald J. Duffy Plot D Row 21 Grave 5 Ardennes American Cemetery Neupré, Belgium

  19. UPL 39048

    "A crew of The 379th Bomb Group poses in front of a Boeing B-17 "Flying Fortress" at an 8th Air Force base in England on 29 September 1944."...

  20. UPL 39018

    "A Crew Of The 524Th Bomb Squadron, 379Th Bomb Group, Poses For The Photographer At An 8Th Air Force Base In England On 15 June 1944."...

  21. UPL 40061

    Crew Of Flackshack Charles Nagel 3rd Front row

  22. Charles R Herbison UPL 40060

    Charles R Herbison

  23. Charles R Herbison UPL 40059

    Markings embedded in original photo: (IGAD-52-2-379) (2-10-44) (A/C420) (B-17G) Taken following abortive mission 213

  24. UPL 15567

    B-24D Liberator on Ploesti oil refinery raid 1st Aug 43.

  25. John Coughlin Photos UPL 40058

    John F Coughlin of the 44th Bomb Group.

  26. John Simmons Young UPL 39581

    B-24D - 'The Sandman' piloted by Lt. Robert Sternfels of the 98th Bomb Group, 344th Squadron - Flying through the fires and explosions of White...

  27. UPL 22325

    Tail of B-24D 'Pudgy' after being shot down at Ploesti , Aug 1, 1943

  28. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 8757

    B-24 Liberators of the 15th Air Force in flight during a mission over Ploesti, 31 May 1944. Printed caption on image: '15th AAF Liberators bomb...

  29. JCook Photo Collection & Archives UPL 40056

    Sgt Don turner 15th BS/67th BS

  30. Charles R Herbison UPL 39906

    From personal notes by Charles Herbison:...

  31. UPL 40055

    William R. Dewey - 445th BG

  32. UPL 40054

    William R. Dewey - 445th BG (standing on left side)

  33. UPL 40053

    William R. Dewey - 445th BG

  34. UPL 39917

    B-17 42-5829 'Flying Jenny' 525BS, 379BG - Lt Hoveland crew....

  35. UPL 40052

    Page from the complete digitized logbook of Theodore J. Kaye, published and available on the website of the Second Air Division Memorial Library...

  36. UPL 40051

    Achmer page from the complete digitized notebook of Theodore J. Kaye available on the website of the 2nd Air Division Memorial Library www.2ndair...

  37. Royan photos Document 21183

    Aerial photographs taken over Royan France on April 14, 1945...

  38. UPL 40050

    Schaffhausen crew

  39. UPL 40048

    Captain Frederick H. Schaffhausen, 100th Bomb Group. Taken stateside

  40. UPL 19186

    Consolidated B-24 Liberators drop their bombs on enemy installations at Royan, France. 15 April 1945....

  41. 466th BG Archives UPL 19320

    Strike Photo - Hesepe Airfield 21 March 1945 466th BG (see also Achmer Airfield strike photo, same mission)

  42. UPL 40019

    James E. Rung, Navigator Buried at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery Section 1GF Site 283 Photo from Gravefinders.com

  43. UPL 40018

    James E. Rung, Navigator, 379th Bomb Group, 524th Squadron, Kimbolton, England. This is a professional photo from Pinkerton Studio in Monahans,...

  44. UPL 40046

    Russell County Virginia Heritage Book

  45. Swamp Gal-RASC UPL 39949

    R.A.S.C group photo with American service men (Tortorella airfield, Foggia, Italy, July 1944) WW2

  46. Swamp Gal-RASC UPL 39948

    R.A.S.C group photo with American service men in front of B17 Swamp Gal (Tortorella airfield, Foggia, Italy, July 1944) WW2

  47. UPL 40045

    John Hopper Crew

  48. UPL 40044

    John Hopper Crew