We found 36086 media

  1. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 7414

    Two P-47Ds of the 514th Fighter Squadron (blue nose trim), 406th Fighter Group start their engines whilst ground personnel work on the engine of a...

  2. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 7412

    Airmen of the 406th Fighter Group inspect P-47D serial 44-20096 "Skirty Bert III," assigned to the 514th Fighter Squadron.

  3. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 7411

    A battle damaged Messerschmitt Me-110. A P-47 Thunderbolt of the 514th Fighter Squadron (blue nose trim), 406th Fighter Group is in the background....

  4. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 7430

    P-47 Thunderbolts of the 514th Fighter Squadron (blue nose trim), 406th Fighter Group at Nordholz. Image via John Quincy.

  5. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 7406

    P-47Ds of the 514th Fighter Squadron, 406th Fighter Group. Serial 44-33547 in foreground; image is reversed.

  6. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 5574

    P-47D serial 42-26298 "I Wanted Wings/Button Nose" (coded LM-A underscored) of the 62nd Fighter Squadron, 56th Fighter Group.

  7. UPL 7179

    Robert Vernon Gravrok, B-17 Navigator, USAAF, Eighth Air Force, 390TH BG, 568th SQ, Framlingham, England

  8. UPL 7178

    My grandfather Reuben Koustrup is second from right, front row.

  9. UPL 7176

    This may have been taken during Herb Becker's training. Norma Peterson traveled to visit him.

  10. UPL 7175

    Herb and Norma Becker and their four grandchildren, abt 1988. Taken in the yard of their house 1495 Roselawn, Roseville, Minnesota 55113. Anna...

  11. UPL 7174

    Herb and Norma before he was sent to England, abt late summer 1943? She traveled to see him during his training.

  12. UPL 7173

    A shot of the same area in 2014. The outline and perhaps some of the buildings at "No. 2 Communal Site" are still evident. ...

  13. UPL 7172

    Aerial view of part of Attlebridge Air Base during WW 2. ...

  14. Chris Brassfield Collection UPL 7148

    B-24J-165-CO #44-40874 no name Code: none...

  15. Chris Brassfield Collection UPL 7169

    B-24L-10-FO #44-49582 "Fran" Code: T9-O 466th BG - 784th BS

  16. UPL 7168

    Lt. Deck A. Hulcy - Met Officer 466th BG HQ 3 May 1944

  17. UPL 7167

    B+24H-10-FO #42-94979 "Slick Chick" Code: 2U-F...

  18. UPL 7166

    Bill Tikey (509-P), Richard Smith (509-CP), Hank Tevelin (509-N), ?...

  19. UPL 7165

    Lt. Frank Wolcott - 787th BS Operations Officer

  20. UPL 7164

    Lt. Frank Wolcott (L) and Lt. Robert D. Handley (R)...

  21. UPL 7163

    Ray L. Tarte, Jr, P-47N Thunderbolt Pilot, USAAF, 8th Air Force, 301st Fighter Wing, 507th Fighter Group, 465th Sq., Ie Shima, Pacific Theater,...

  22. UPL 7122

    David B. Dahlberg, T/Sgt., B-17G (& B-24) Flight Engineer & Top Turret Gunner, U.S. Army Air Forces, Eighth Air Force, 487th Bomb Group (H), 837th...

  23. UPL 7162

    Ray H. Peterson, T/Sgt, B-17G Flight Engineer/Top Turret Gunner, United States Army Air Forces, Eighth Air Force, 305th Bomb Group, 366th Bomb...

  24. UPL 7161

    Lt. Thomas Czapko Pilot - Crew #602 466th BG - 786th BS

  25. UPL 7160

    B--24H-20-DT #41-29000 "Shack" Code: U8-G...

  26. UPL 7158

    Frank Linc, B-17 Co-Pilot...

  27. UPL 7157

    B-17G-55-DL #44-6560 "Puddin's Pride" Code: A 452nd BG- 730th BS

  28. Chris Brassfield Collection UPL 7155

    B-17G-10-VE #42-39970 "E-Rat-Icator" Code: P...

  29. UPL 7152

    Harley Russel Stroven, US 8th AF, 486th BG, 835th BS, on the deck of the ship Discovery, London, England 1944-45

  30. UPL 7146

    Memphis National Cemetery...

  31. UPL 7150

    SSGT Harm Krull Tail Gunner Crew #607/431 466th BG - 786th and 784th Bomb Squadrons

  32. Chris Brassfield Collection UPL 7147

    B-24H-25-DT #42-51158 "Super Chief" Code: 2U-S 466th BG - 785th BS Had served briefly with the 784th BS and carried the code T9-S

  33. UPL 7145

    Newspaper clipping sent through about the crew of B-17 'Dottie Jane'.

  34. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 6771

    A B-17 Flying Fortress of the 487th Bomb Group in flight. Image via Mark Brown, AFA. Written on slide casing: 'B-17G 02. 48134 R5.'

  35. UPL 7143

    Anthony L. Destro, 2nd LT US Army

  36. UPL 7142

    John B Baudoin

  37. UPL 7141

    Ernest Dehotels - Paper Doll Pilot 42-3345

  38. UPL 7139

    Ed Schultz in front of a P-47. Likely Martlesham Heath.

  39. UPL 7136

    S / SGT Ed Schultz

  40. UPL 7140

    Staff Sergeant Ed Schultz and Unidentified Sergeant in a P-47. Likely Martlesham Heath.

  41. UPL 7138

    Murray T. Byrd Radio Operator Jack Mitsch Crew 452nd BG - 730th BS

  42. UPL 7135

    James R. Rasmussen Navigator B-17, 100th Bomb Group, at St. Francis High School, teaching history students about WWII.

  43. UPL 7134

    James R. Rasmussen, B-17 Navigator, 100th Bomb Group, talking to history students about WW II at St. Francis High School, MN.

  44. UPL 7133

    James A. McLaughry, B-24 Pilot, 1st Lieutenant, 8th AF, 392 BG, 576 BSq, Wendling, England, 23 missions Aug. 1944-early 1945. Personal Pilot of...

  45. UPL 7132

    Norman C. (Norm) Grant, Sr. B-24 Navigator, USAAF, 8th Air Force, 493rd Bomb Group, 860th Bomb Squadron, Base # 152 Ipswich, England. Norm Grant...

  46. UPL 7131

    Clifford B. Digre, B-17 Ball Turret Gunner, United States Army Air Forces, Eighth Air Force, 457th Bomb Group, 749th Squadron....

  47. UPL 7130

    Ralph Pettyjohn, Ball Turret Gunner, B-17 Flying Fortress; U.S. Army Air Forces,...