We found 36302 media

  1. Robert H. Wilson's USAAF collection UPL 37856

    Lt. Robert H. Wilson, sitting on his P-38 after forced landing on Greenland July 1942

  2. UPL 37042

    Then 1LT William F. Nee back row, far left. This photo had to be taken on 11 Dec 1943 at Rapid City, South Dakota, after completing flight...

  3. UPL 37853

    Crew of various B 17 Fortresses that flew 13 missions before being shot down with flack on a bombing run to Merseberg on 21 Nov 1944....

  4. UPL 37852

    SSGT James Junior "Jim" Huffman Right waist Gunner

  5. UPL 37850

    Photo of Ralph Squires, cropped from the one showing him and his five brothers (William, Earl, Paul, Harold and Hugh) on the William D. Squires...

  6. UPL 37847

    1Lt John Oliver Buslee crew 384th Bomb Group, Back row, left to right:...

  7. UPL 37846

    1Lt David F Albrecht, he was the Co-Pilot on B17G 43-37822 "Lead Banana"...

  8. UPL 37845

    1Lt David F Albrecht

  9. UPL 37844

    Capt Erskine S Dollarhide, Jr

  10. UPL 37843

    Sgt Raymond A Dahl

  11. UPL 37842

    LTC Charles H Bowman, was the Co-Pilot on B17 42-31107 447th Bomb Group who lost on January 11th 1944 near Rohburg Germany...

  12. UPL 37841

    LTC Charles H Bowman

  13. UPL 37840

    SSgt John J. Barry, he was a Right Waist Gunner of B-17G 42- 39934 "MY ACHING BACK"".. Photo: 100th BG Archives

  14. UPL 37839

    SSgt John J. Barry

  15. UPL 37838

    Rufus Hanchett, Geneseo, NY air show 1993, Texas Raiders B-17

  16. Lozenski/Boruta Family album UPL 37800

    Charles B Lozenski ,taken at Kessler Field Mississippi 1942

  17. UPL 37837

    Air Medal

  18. UPL 37836

    Rufus Hanchett top row, 3rd from right.

  19. Document 37665

    Cecil D. Stout, probably taken on or about Dec. 12, 1942, in Albuquerque, N.M., when he was awarded his bombardier's wings and commissioning as a...

  20. UPL 37835

    Sgt. Edward Arthur Kelley of the 320th Bombardment Group. Shot down over Rovereto, Italy, on 5 Nov 1944.

  21. UPL 37834

    C B LaPorte

  22. UPL 37833

    This is my grandmother Kathleen Yeatman with a person we believe could be an American airman, unfortunately that's all we know. This would have...

  23. UPL 37832

    Taken Oct 26, 1944 Polebrook, England

  24. UPL 37831

    Winfield Scott Haynes JR

  25. UPL 37830

    Notice in the "Cumberland Evening Times, 20 September 1944

  26. Collected photos UPL 20451

    Hit and Run, 43-38391, B-17-G-85-BO...

  27. UPL 37829

    Second Lieutenant Clyde Stewart Cleveland, 52nd Fighter Group, 2nd Fighter Squadron.

  28. UPL 37828

    Second Lieutenant Clyde Stewart Cleveland, 52nd Fighter Group, 2nd Fighter Squadron.

  29. UPL 6928

    466th BG - 785th BS. Buell E. Andrus Crew - Crew #511...

  30. UPL 37827

    First Lieutenant James F. Casey , 78th Fighter Group, 84th Fighter Squadron

  31. UPL 37826

    Lt. Leif R. Ostnes 1943

  32. UPL 37824

    Satan's Playmate, B-17G 42-97510, showing the markings of 384th Bomb Group, 546th Bomb Squadron based at Grafton Underwood.

  33. UPL 37823

    A close up of Satan's Playmate printed on the nose of 42-97510 model 17G-15-VE.

  34. UPL 37822

    Satan's Playmate, B-17G 42-97510, flew with the 384th Bomb Group, 546th Bomb Group out of Grafton Underwood.

  35. UPL 37821

    Sergeant First Class Albert Binsfield, 351st Bomb Group, 510th Bomb Squadron

  36. Parley Madsen UPL 37820

    1Lt Parley W. Madsen

  37. UPL 37819

    Dalhart Army Airfield, Texas October 1943

  38. UPL 37818

    B-17 42-30590

  39. Harry J. Rothrock UPL 37816

    Harry James Rothrock

  40. Harry J. Rothrock UPL 37817

    Uncle Harry J. Rothrock in England 1944

  41. Harry J. Rothrock UPL 37812

    Scorchy II 42-97058 (359BS) BN-V 41st CBW-B (359BS) - Pilot LtCol R.H. Cole / CoPilot Capt B.M. Goolsby...

  42. Harry J. Rothrock UPL 37814

    Dear Mom #42-33168 (359BS) BN-M 41st CBW Low (359BS) - Pilot 1Lt B.M. Goolsby / CoPilot Capt L.M Schulstad (Back L-R) 2Lt V.T. Gorecki (TG-O), 2Lt...

  43. Harry J. Rothrock UPL 37813

    Ole George #42-31574 (358BS) VK-G 41st CBW High (358BS) - Pilot Maj R.H. Cole / CoPilot 1Lt B.M. Goolsby (Back L-R) 1Lt B.M. Goolsby (CP), Maj R.H....

  44. Harry J. Rothrock UPL 37815

    B-17G 42-39769 Missmanooki (359BS) BN-P (crew assigned 359BS: Oct 1943 - photo: 20 Nov 1943)....

  45. UPL 37811

    B-17 43-38917 "Not Today Cleo", 452nd Bomb Group, 731st Bomb Squadron.