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  1. UPL 40120

    Edmund David Schreiber with members of the 357th Fighter Squadron at Gablingen, Germany.

  2. UPL 40119

    P-38 at Wattisham. Photo by Edmund David Schreiber.

  3. UPL 40118

    Edmund David Schreiber stand under prop with ground crew in Wattisham.

  4. UPL 13113

    42-37793 SO-X, SPIRIT OF WINSOME WINN II. Interned in Switzerland, 18 March 1944.

  5. UPL 40114

    Edmund David Schreiber -Asst Crew Chief in Wattisham on P-51D 44-##176 J2-D “Butch”. Pilot Lt. Lawrence A Keefe Jr.

  6. UPL 40115

    Edmund David Schreiber /Asst Crew Chief in middle under the II of P-51D 44-14786 OS-U “Joereine II”. With the 357th Fighter Squadron in Gablingen,...

  7. UPL 40116

    S/Sgt Sebastiano Joseph Peluso.

  8. UPL 40105

    2Lt David C. Love's Purple Heart Medal

  9. Steve Strayhan UPL 40111

    Stephen T. Strayhan, Radio Operator / Gunner

  10. UPL 26025

    B-17 Flying Fortress OR-A "Seattle Sleeper" of the 91st bomb group

  11. UPL 40113

    B-17G 42-37931 'Bertie Lee' on the ground having force landed at RAF Waltham, near Grimsby, Lincs

  12. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 7227

    An F-6D Mustang (B3-R, serial number 44-14200) of the 161st Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron, 363rd Tactical Reconnaissance Group.

  13. UPL 30321

    Maj. Richard A Peterson, [ Alexandria, MN ] 364th Fighter Squadron, P-51B 43-6935 C5-T “Hurry Home Honey”. This a/c was lost on 20 June 1944 with...

  14. Steve Strayhan UPL 40112

    Stephen T. Strayhan's crew on the flight line.

  15. UPL 40110

    B-17G 43-37822 'Lead Banana' 544BS, 384BG, 8AF.

  16. UPL 40109

    S/Sgt Lenard Leroy Bryant.

  17. UPL 40108

    John Oliver Buslee, appears to be wearing Flight Officers 'pickle' bars.

  18. UPL 40107

    Thomas Raleigh Hassett, crewmember of the Lt Brunn crew 392nd Bomb Group Photo source: B24.net

  19. UPL 40106

    Lt. Vernon E Coe and his crew 392nd Bomb Group

  20. UPL 40104

    2Lt David C. Love, Bombardier on B24 42-52517 "Model T" 392nd Bomb Group, crashed on July 7th 1944 near Egeln Germany

  21. UPL 40103

    2Lt. Julius Ardinger, and crew 392nd Bomb Group

  22. UPL 40102

    2Lt Carson A. Green, Co-Pilot on B24H 42-95041 392nd Bomb Group, which ditch the ship in the North Sea on July 6th 1944. Photo source: B24.net

  23. UPL 40101

    2Lt Carson A. Green, back row Nr1 Photo source: B24.net

  24. UPL 40100

    2Lt Roy W. Losse, front row Nr1 and his crew

  25. UPL 40099

    2Lt Roy W. Losse, Navigator on B24H 42-95041 392nd Bomb Group, which ditch the ship in the North Sea on July 6th 1944....

  26. Bernard Gold Collection UPL 40098

    2 March, 1945 Germany "From Left: Bob Taylor, Navigator Moe Beard, Pilot Bernie Gold, Crew Chief Richie Stone, Co-Pilot Radioman"

  27. Bernard Gold Collection UPL 40097

    1 V-E Day "Rhieus, France, Amiens, France" The whole crew

  28. UPL 40096

    "Flying Fortress "Idiot's Delight" completes its 50th successful mission without a single abort with a raid on Berlin, 22 March 44 in which 1,400...

  29. UPL 40095

    "Ground crew of the Boeing B-17 'Idiot's Delight' England." L-R: Unkn, seated Unkn, standing M/Sgt Penrose A. Bingaman, Unkn, Sgt Pilla.

  30. UPL 40094

    "M/Sgt Bingham watches Sgt Pilla paint another bomb on the side of Boeing B-17 'Idiots' Delight', of the 8th Air Force. England."

  31. UPL 40087

    P51B 43-6573 4th Fighter Group, crashed on September 11th 1944 Strafing Langansalza aerodrome, hit by Flak, belly landed nearby. Pilot Lt...

  32. UPL 40089

    2Lt. John Joseph Ahern, Jr, On December 16th 1944, Ahern and his crew took off from Kimbolton on a bombing mission to the Stuttgart Marshalling...

  33. UPL 40090

    1Lt William Winston Shank

  34. UPL 40091

    1Lt William Winston Shank

  35. UPL 40092

    1Lt Howard M Worster, Pilot on B17G 42-31787 385th Bomber Group, Howard was "Killed In Action" when his B-17 was attacked enemy aircraft and...

  36. UPL 40088

    2Lt Henry Alton Ingalls Photo source: 4th Fighter Group

  37. UPL 17846

    Capt. W. Brewster Morgan, 334th Fighter Squadron, ex 71 “Eagle” Squadron. P-47D 42-8644 QP-U "Lilliput". Morgan became a POW flying this P-47 on...

  38. UPL 18027

    1st Lt Stanley Anderson 334th FS, 4th FG, 8th AF USAAF a former 71 Eagle Sqn RAF P/O. Poses in front of P-47 42-8644 QP-X "Lilliput".

  39. UPL 40080

    Stanley Bennett of the 95th Bomb Group

  40. UPL 40081

    Eugene Wood of the 95th Bomb Group

  41. UPL 40085

    Paul J Kaltenbacher: Shot down by fighters and flak and crashed near Saarbrucken, GR on a mission to Regensburg, GR on 25 Feb 1944 in B-17G #42...

  42. UPL 40082

    My father Sgt. Alfred B Pennington standing in front of The Rose of York.

  43. UPL 40084


  44. UPL 19491

    MacKinnon aircrew - 412th Bomb Sqdn B-17F-65-BO “Lonesome Polecat I” #42-29693 BACK ROW 1st Lt. Malcolm B. MacKinnon (pilot) F/O Eugene W. Wood (co...

  45. UPL 39703

    Bob Petroski crew. Alexandria Air Base, October 1943. ...

  46. 384thbombgroup.com Wartime Documents UPL 40079

    3 October 1944, 33rd Station Complement Squadron Morning Report and 5th Mobile Repair Unit Personnel List

  47. NARA UPL 40077

    Donald D. Pippitt Personal Casualty Report ...

  48. UPL 40076

    B-17G-45-BO 42-97174 GD*H "Joanne" of 534th BS, 381st BG

  49. UPL 38084

    "Spare Charlie" 42-97084 with "Joanne" 42-97174 in the background.