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  1. UPL 37918

    Tech/Sgt Michael Arooth tail gunner with the 379th BG, 527th Sqd. Wearing awarded medals. DSC, DFC, Puirple heart and air medal. He is credited...

  2. UPL 37917

    1LT William F. Touton Co-Pilot John H. Hunt Crew 384th BG - 545th BS

  3. UPL 37916

    1LT James Anthony Theys Pilot/Co-Pilot 351st BG - 510th BS Completed a 35 mission tour Served as instructor at Keesler AAF during the war as well

  4. UPL 37915

    1LT Kenneth L. Shook Co-Pilot 446th BG - 705th BS photo taken in 1943 when he was serving as a flight instructor at Keesler AAF, Mississippi

  5. UPL 37914

    1ST Frederick Thomas Nissen Navigator 398th BG - 600th BS

  6. UPL 37913

    Fred W. Mertins, Jr. Navigator 93rd BG photo taken in 1943 while Mertins was serving as a navigation instructor at Keesler AAF, Mississippi

  7. UPL 37912

    Arthur Merkin Navigator Selmar Gustaves Crew 398th BG Photo taken in 1943 when Merkin was a navigation instructor at Keesler AAF, Mississippi

  8. Some Bungay Buckaroos UPL 37911

    Crew Members at Bungay Air Field. ...

  9. UPL 37889

    Thomas Baxter Haller

  10. UPL 37910

    2nd. Lt. Xenophon E. Eugenedes, 7th PR Group.

  11. UPL 37909

    Capt Robert Carleton Mooney, 23, Dallas army pilot, who was killed over Ploesti oil refineries in Romania August 1, 1943,

  12. UPL 26851

    1st row Sullivan, Scruggs, Houston, Lundberg 2nd Murray, Herrin, Benward, Spatz Just after 1st mission over Germany

  13. UPL 37908

    The Lucky Bastards Club presented to Second Lt. James P. Jennings, Co-pilot of the Lush Thrush, 447th Group.

  14. UPL 37907

    Second Lt. James P. Jennings, Co-pilot of the Lush Thrush, 447th Group.

  15. UPL 37906

    Second Lt. James P. Jennings, Co-pilot of the Lush Thrush, 447th Group

  16. UPL 37902

    1LT Lloyd B. Holden...

  17. Major Larry "Scrappy" Blumer UPL 37901

    Major Laurence "Scrappy" Blumer of the United States Army Air Corp 367th fighter group, 393rd fighter squadron being re-awarded his military medals...

  18. UPL 37900

    1LT Lloyd B. Holden Navigator Crew #731 - Richard C. Baynes Crew Holden completed a 35 mission combat tour

  19. 466th BG Archives UPL 37899

    SSGT Sherell Eugene Campbell Gunner Crew #551 - Seward Meinstma Crew 466th BG - 785th BS Completed a 35 mission tour

  20. Major Larry "Scrappy" Blumer UPL 37898

    During a reunion of the 367th Fighter Group Major Laurence "Scrappy" Blumer presented his crew chief Lee Hill a print of a painting by John C. Valo...

  21. Laurence "Scrappy" Blumer UPL 37897

    1992 Uncensored Interview of the Fastest Ace in the West Major Laurence "Scrappy" Blumer, Jim Mason, Ed Christian, Lee Hill and other members of...

  22. Major Larry "Scrappy" Blumer UPL 37896

    Heroes on Wings by Clayton Knight featuring Laurence "Scrappy" Blumer 17 July 1944 where he took on the 17th Panzer Division.

  23. UPL 37895

    "Four members of bomber crews, L - R: Cpl. M. Eusano, San Fernando, CA, 2nd Lt. Gerald G. Gille, Quincy, IL, 1st Lt. Dellas A. Brown, Roy, UT and...

  24. UPL 37894

    Thomas C. Wallace obituary

  25. UPL 37893

    Thomas Cherry Wallace 1942

  26. UPL 37891

    A bond sent home to his older brother Jack Stark with the letter dated March 29, 1944

  27. UPL 37890

    Letter home from John A Stark when he was training to be a tailgunner on a B24 Liberator in Blythe, California, USA. His aircraft "Anne" went...

  28. UPL 37888

    Pictured: Rapid City, SD. Lt McMeekin crew, assigned to 410BS, 94BG, 8AF USAAF. ...

  29. 42-32045 Silver Slipper UPL 37887

    Left - 2nd Lt. Herbert R. Jackson (Co-Pilot), Right - 2nd Lt. Bruce K. Bockstanz (Navigator)

  30. 42-32045 - Silver Slipper UPL 37882

    Left - T/Sgt. Joseph K. Duplechain (Engineer), Center - 2nd Lt. Joseph Bernstein (Bombardier), Right - 2nd Lt. Bruce K. Bockstanz (Navigator)

  31. UPL 37886

    T/Sgt. Joseph K. Duplechain (Engineer)

  32. UPL 37883

    S/Sgt. Arthur J. Schwaiger (Ball Gunner)

  33. UPL 37884

    Left - S/Sgt. Paul F. Nulton Jr. (Left Waist Gunner), Right - S/Sgt. Norman F. Christian (Right Waist Gunner)

  34. UPL 37885

    T/Sgt. John L. Jones (Radio Operator)

  35. UPL 37880

    Left - S/Sgt. Norman F. Christian (Right Waist Gunner), Right - T/Sgt. Joseph K. Duplechain (Engineer)

  36. UPL 37879

    Left - 2nd Lt. Bruce K. Bockstanz (Navigator), Right - T/Sgt. Joseph K. Duplechain (Engineer)

  37. UPL 37878

    Fort Worth Jail House Nose Art provided to me by Roger Werksman as it’s his artwork from his uncle who was in FWJH at the start in Smiths Crew when...

  38. UPL 37877

    B-17 42-99977, "What's Cookin' Doc?"

  39. UPL 37875

    Extract from the Belgian Archives file 003.269.406, depicting Peggy Van Lier's activities during the war

  40. UPL 37874

    Marguerite "Peggy" Van Lier

  41. UPL 37873

    Marguerite "Peggy" Van Lier

  42. 466th BG Archives UPL 37872

    B-24H-15-FO #42-52555 'Ole Tom Cat" Code: 2U-G 466th BG - 785th BS

  43. UPL 37871

    B-24H-25-FO #42-95253 "D-Day Patches" Code: EE-U 389th BG - 565th BS

  44. UPL 37870

    Corporal Antonio M. Cano Aircraft Mechanic 466th BG - 785th BS

  45. UPL 37863

    Lt. John C. Greene

  46. Walter Patton Gray II, WWII UPL 37869

    2nd Lt Walter Patton Gray II, and his collie, Shep. Home on furlough to Sewickley, Pennsylvania, December 13, 1943

  47. UPL 37867

    Orders to fly to London England, and report to 8th Air Force Service Command. ...

  48. 493rd BG Archives UPL 37865

    Haywood F Deese

  49. Walter Patton Gray II, WWII UPL 37862

    B-17G 44-6264 "In the Bag" 49th BS, 2nd BG Wing repair - picture taken between May 1944 and November 1944 Foggia, Amendola Complex, Italy