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  1. Donald C Allen UPL 19685

    He was an aviation cadet from Feb. 18, 1943 to March 17, 1944, He attended Preflight Pilot Training for 8 weeks in San Antonio, TX and Primary...

  2. Herbert "Woody" Neil Woodward UPL 40666

    Herbert "Woody" Neil Woodward

  3. UPL 40665

    S/Sgt. William A. Apy.

  4. UPL 40664

    S/Sgt Enos H. Lee

  5. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 1526

    Navigators of the 389th Bomb Group draw up a flight plan in the 'Peace Room' at Hethel, May 1944....

  6. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 860

    Personnel of the 96th Bomb Group and the 452nd Bomb Group receive briefing against the wall of a bombed-out railway building in Poltava, Russia...

  7. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 3826

    Colonel Fred Castle delivers a briefing to personnel of the 94th Bomb Group, December 1943. ...

  8. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 1672

    Colonel Irvine A Rendle, Group Commander of the 392nd Bomb Group instructs personnel of the group to adjust their watches for their 100th mission. ...

  9. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 1902

    The status board of the 457th Bomb Group at Glatton, after the end of combat operations May 1945. ...

  10. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 3827

    The operations room at Bury St Edmunds, December 1943...

  11. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 10930

    Private First Class William Archer uses a British-made teleprinter to send out field orders to USAAF Bomb Groups from Brampton Grange , the...

  12. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 773

    Technical Sergeant A L Lee of the 93rd Bomb Group, in the top turret of a B-24 Liberator (serial number 41-23742) nicknamed "Liberty Lad", October...

  13. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 4254

    A B-17 Flying Fortress (serial number 41-9020) nicknamed "Tugboat Annie" of the 303rd Bomb Group, used as a tow-target.

  14. UPL 40663

    42-2978 Sis 306th BG

  15. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 3744

    A bomber crew of the 93rd Bomb Group with their B-24 Liberator nicknamed "Bomerang". A censor has obscured the insignia on the airmen's jackets....

  16. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 4363

    Ground personnel of the 306th Bomb Group work on a B-17 Flying Fortress (WW-R, serial number 42-31078) at Thurleigh, November 1943. ...

  17. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 4385

    Staff Sergeant Joseph Collette of the 306th Bomb Group with the top turret guns of a B-17 Flying Fortress. Handwritten on reverse: '306BG. 246558.'...

  18. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 7701

    A B-17F Flying Fortress (serial number 42-30827) nicknamed "Round Trip Ticket III" of the 385th Bomb Group, after making an emergency landing at at...

  19. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 3717

    A B-17 Flying Fortress (serial number 41-9017) nicknamed "Heidi Ho"of the 97th Bomb Group takes off from Bovingdon, September 1942. ...

  20. UPL 40662

    F/O. Frank D Gallion, Buried in Pleasant Grove Methodist Cemetery in Fulton Township, Pennsylvania. In 1995,...

  21. UPL 40661

    2Lt Joseph E Gallant........ Photo sourse: www.4thfightergroupassociation.org

  22. UPL 40660

    1Lt. Robert J. Mabie, nickname "Bob" served with the 4th Fighter Group...... Photo sourse: www.4thfightergroupassociation.org

  23. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 6867

    A B-24 Liberator of the 491st Bomb Group flies over St Michaels Church at South Elmham near Bungay....

  24. UPL 40659

    LITTLE CEASAR, an overseas original complement of the 96th BG, B-17F-70-BO 42-29755 per FORTLOG. ...

  25. UPL 40658

    Emblem of 62nd Troop Carrier Squadron in WW2

  26. UPL 40657

    "Neff" Neffinger and a P-38 Lightning of the 48th FS.

  27. UPL 40656

    "England-Hardened 8th Army veterans, recently returned to Britain, renew acquaintance with "Bomerang," a battlescarred Consolidated B-24 bomber...

  28. UPL 14931

    B-24D Liberator 41-23722 'Boomerang'. Ship's Crew, upon arrival At 36th Street Airport, Miami, Florida, 17 April 1944. Crew members L to R : M/Sgt....

  29. UPL 40655

    "Capt. Walter T. Stewart, pilot from Benjamin, Utah."

  30. UPL 40654

    "Brig. General James P. Hodges, Washington, D.C., commanding officer of an air force unit, congratulates Capt. W. Stewart, Salt Lake City, Utah,...

  31. UPL 40653

    "Capt. Walker T. Stewart*, ship's pilot." * Walter T 'Walt' Stewart

  32. UPL 40652

    Leon Rosario Richards

  33. UPL 40651

    "Capt. Walter Stewart, Salt Lake City, Utah, pilot of the Consolidated B-24 'Liberator' Bomber, 'Bomerang' which has completed 53 missions in the...

  34. UPL 40650

    Lt. Richard “Dixie” Alexander POW card

  35. John Treacy photos UPL 40649

    Second Lieutenant Vincent B. McHugh, 388th Bomb Group

  36. UPL 40648

    2Lt. John Edward Friend, served as Bombardier with the 706th Bomb Squadron 446trh Bomb Group in WW2

  37. John Treacy photos UPL 40647

    Grave marker of three of the crew of "Second Chance" - Bertram Crawford, Winston Hall, William McCown. Photo provided by Jeff Morris.

  38. UPL 40646

    "1st Lt. Otto Kaellner, Lake George, Goldwater, Michigan, left, and 2nd Lt. Frank J. Murphy, South Boston, Massachusetts, examine a damaged wheel...

  39. Luther E Godwin UPL 40645

    Luther E Godwin MATS

  40. Luther E Godwin UPL 40644

    Luther E Godwin CIA

  41. Luther E Godwin UPL 40643

    Luther E Godwin Flight Engineers

  42. Luther E Godwin UPL 40642

    Luther E Godwin Receiving Medal

  43. Luther E Godwin UPL 40641

    Luther E Godwin

  44. Luther E Godwin UPL 40640

    Luther E Godwin Flight Engineer Class

  45. Luther E Godwin UPL 40639

    Young Luther E Godwin

  46. Luther E Godwin Document 40638

    Luther E Godwin Airplane Delivery

  47. Luther E Godwin UPL 40637

    Luther E Godwin Retirement

  48. Luther E Godwin UPL 40636

    Godwin Missions Flown

  49. Luther E Godwin Document 40634

    Victorious Gunners

  50. UPL 40633

    Members of the 303rd Bomb Group paint their signatures on B-17 Flying Fortress (serial number 41-24577) at Molesworth. ...