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This contains information written on the back of the original print and some of it may be inaccurate.

Three hours before the mission briefing, Captain Alexander F. "Stormy" Sadowski, Staff Weather Officer of the 56th Fighter Group is shown the route that the Thunderbolt pilots will take on the mission by Captain Lucian Dade in the Operations Room, 1944-1945.



  • 56th Fighter Group

    56th Fighter Group

    Flying P-47 Thunderbolts throughout their time stationed in England, the Group, known as "the Wolfpack", had more ace pilots than any other Eighth Air Force Fighter Group. The 56th Fighter Group also destroyed more enemy aircraft in air combat than any...


  • Lucian Dade

    Military | Colonel | Commanding Officer
    Pete Dade served as a fighter pilot with the 62nd Fighter Squadron of the 56th Fighter Group, flying missions from Boxted, England. He became an ace, credited with shooting down 5 enemy aircraft in aerial combat. After the war he remained in what soon...

  • Alexander Sadowski

    Military | Major | Weather Officer
    'Stormy' was a weather officer with the 56th Fighter Group. His job was to provide a weather forecast ahead of each mission and monitor conditions for landing when pilots returned. If the weather was particularly bad, he would issue a warning that ...


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