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This contains information written on the back of the original print and some of it may be inaccurate.

A bomber crew of the 94th Bomb Group in civillian clothing, on their return to base after baling out from their B-17 Flying Fortress. Printed caption on reverse: '“Ditched Crew” Returns To Home Base: Four days after putting their Flying Fortress down on the water off the shore of England, the crew returned to their Squadron Operations Room and at first were not recognized by their officers. Attired in an assorted collection of civilian clothing, the officer in charge at first thought them to be English civilians until they identified themselves. With two engines out of order on the return from a raid on enemy-occupied Europe, Pilot Fant put the ship down on the water, Dec. 5th, and the crew were all out within 35 seconds. Five minutes later, the big B-17 sank beneath the waves, and the ten man crew rode their dinghies for 45 minutes before an Air-Sea rescue launch reached them. Transportation difficulties delayed their return home until December 9. Associated Press Photo Shows:- Waiting for transportation to take them to their quarters after reporting in at Operations Office are: (left to right) T/Sgt. Leo R. Olsen, RFD2, Blackfoot, Idaho; Lt. John F. Fant, Jr., Pilot, son of Major J.F. Fant of Ft. Bragg, North Carolina; S/S. Boyd F. Shadiow, 214 10th Street, Bemidji, Minn.; Lt. Milton V. Eddy, Goldendale, Wash.; Lt. Royal N. Roberts, 116 West Yares Street, East Syracuse, N.Y.; T/Sgt. Edward J. Herzog, 9 Barbour Ave., Passaic, N.J.; Lt. Irvin Ziegman, Hotel Paxton, Omaha, Nebraska; S/Sgt. Bethel H. McNeely, Box 81, Peach Creek W.Va.; S/Sgt. Fremont E. Wood, 6 Elm Street, Le Roy, N.Y.; and S/Sgt. Robert H. Croebner, 215 N. Washington Street, New Ulm, Minn. None of the crew were injured. IRV 263167. 13-12-43-J.' On reverse: Associated Press and US Army General Section Press & Censorship Bureau [Stamp].



  • 94th Bomb Group

    94th Bomb Group

    Activated 15 June 1942 at MacDill Field, Florida. Initial organization and training at Pendleton Field, Oregon on 29 June 1942; Primary flight training at Davis-Monthan Field in Arizona from 28 Aug. 42 to 31 Oct. 42; then at Biggs Field, El Paso, Texas...


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