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B-17 G #42-31914 / BUTCH 326th Squadron, 92nd Bombardment Group.
Assigned Podington 11/2/44;
Missing in Action Erding 24/4/44; enemy aircraft, crash-landed Dubendorf, Switz;
W/O; Missing Air Crew Report 4147. 10 INT. BUTCH.

Pilot: Bernard Rosenfeld
Co-pilot: Gerry Robson
Navigator: John Launius
Bombardier: Gene Metz
Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Walt Nicodemus
Radio Operator: Bill Petrie
Ball turret gunner: Claud Morehead
Waist gunner: Walt Wisniewski
Waist gunner: Ray Schuster
Tail gunner: Jim Cook

1. Frankfort 3-21-44 Frankfurt, Germany
2. Berlin 3-22-44 Germany
3. Munster 3-23-44 Germany
4. Divon 3-23-44 ?
5. Stetton 4-11-44 Stettien, Germany
6. Oatanburg (Berlin) 4-18-44 ?
7. Kassel 4-19-44 Gernany
8. Pas deCalais 4-20-44 ? Calais, France ?
9. Hamm 4-22-44 Germany
10. Oberpfaffenhofen 4-24-44 Oberpfaffenhofen Air field, Germany (Space Center)



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  • 42-31914 Butch

    B-17 Flying Fortress
    Delivered Cheyenne 4/1/44; Kearney 17/1/44; Grenier 25/1/44; Assigned 326BS/92BG [JW-S] Podington 11/2/44; Missing in Action Erding 24/4/44 with Bernard Rosenfeld, Co-pilot: Gerry Robson, Navigator: John Launius, Bombardier: Gene Metz, Flight engineer...


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The photo was taken by Bombardier