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"Maj Gen E R Quesada congratulates Capt Richard E Leary Republic P-47 Thunderbolt fighter bomber pilot of the 9th AF fighter command as he returned from a successful mission and then landed to refuel on an American emergency landing strip in Normandy."

- Major Richard E. Leary of the 397th Ftr Sq, 368th FG is congratulated by Maj Gen Elwood R. "Pete" Quesada on landing at one of the newly-won forward operating fields near the Normandy coast. The 368th moved to Cardonville (A-3) on 20 June 1944 and remained there for about two months.



  • 368th Fighter Group

    368th Fighter Group

    The 368th Fighter Group flew P-47s in combat from England from March 1944. In the days after D-Day the Group supported Allied ground troops fighting in the Cherbourg penisula and then around St. Lo. The Group received a DUC for flying seven missions in...

  • 397th Fighter Squadron


  • Elwood Quesada

    Military | Lieutenant General | Commanding Officer
    Obituary reads: ...


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