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This is a cropped and reversed version of a photo was taken on 13 April 45 by Edward Richie. Col. Everett Stewart (Sunny VIII) Group CO is on the left. The US Major is unknown. The Russians toured the base and had a meeting about Operation Frantic II which the 4th Fighter Group would go on in June of that year. Handwritten on slide:"Visit of USSR Officers - poor quality Richie?"

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This contains information written on the back of the original print and some of it may be inaccurate.

Two Officers of the 4th Fighter Group with an Officer Soviet Air Force during an official visit. Handwritten on slide:"Visit of USSR Officers - poor quality Richie?"



  • 4th Fighter Group

    4th Fighter Group

    Some of the pilots of the 4th Fighter Group had seen many hours of combat by the time they joined the 4th Fighter Group as they had volunteered with the Royal Canadian Air Force and the Royal Air Force. The three 'Eagle Squadrons' of RAF Fighter...


  • Edward Richie

    Military | Warrant Officer | Shop Superintendent (Aviation)
    Edward Richie took many of the colour photographs of the 4th Fighter Group that are in the American Air Museum's Roger Freeman Collection.

  • Everett Stewart

    Military | Colonel | Fighter Pilot 1055 single engine/Group Commander
    CO 4th FG Feb 1945 - Sept 1945 ...


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