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Article by Virginia Irwin, writing for the American Red Cross, with photographs of the 353rd Fighter Group. Irwin was on a leave of absence from her paper, the St Louis Post-Dispatch, but this is one of the articles she sent back whilst otherwise occupied on Red Cross duties. The P-47 in the lower of the pictures is 42-76394, marked as the aircraft flown by Jesse Gonnam. Although the article is dated 21 May 1944, the photograph must have been taken at least a month earlier as Gonnam's P-47 was shot down on 23 April.



  • 353rd Fighter Group

    353rd Fighter Group

    The 353rd Fighter Group was assigned to the Eighth Air Force on 7 June 1943. The group flew P-47 Thunderbolts, and from October 1944, P-51 Mustangs, as escorts for bombing missions across occupied Europe and to strafe targets on the ground. Tactical...

  • American Red Cross


  • Jesse Gonnam

    Military | Captain | Fighter Pilot
    Jesse W Gonnam enlisted in the U.S. Army Air Corps and graduated as a fighter pilot. ...

  • Virginia Irwin

    In (her own?) words from her standard biography after the war for the St Louis Post-Dispatch: ...



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Dating from information on Jesse W Gonnam's entry on this website, provided by surviving relatives, which correlated against other entries.