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This contains information written on the back of the original print and some of it may be inaccurate.

Ground crew of the 92nd Bomb Group wait with an ambulance as a B-17 Flying Fortress (UX-D, serial number 42-5734) nicknamed "Seymour Angel" lands at Alconbury. Printed caption on reverse: 'BRITISH OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPH DISTRIBUTED BY THE MINISTRY OF INFORMATION CROWN COPYRIGHT RESERVED. BRITISH EQUIPMENT AT AMERICAN AIR-FIELD. Members of the U.S. Army Air Force stationed in Great Britain are in a good position to appreciate the British end of Lend-Lease arrangements. A visit to an American bomber station "somewhere in England" shows some of the many varieties of equipment with which Britain supplies her American Ally. No.7. British made cash tenders and ambulances wait, ready for an emergency, at the strategic corners of the field, as the B-17 Fortresses land after a mission over the Rhur. The engines of the trucks are kept running, the men stand alert at their posts read to move into instant action should a plane, damaged by enermy action, foul its landing. On the back of the crash tender is an asbestos suit. Its wearer can work in fire for several minutes - vital ones, should a plane catch fire and its crew be trapped. In the background a B-17 has landed. Already the sergeant on the telephone is watching the next plane land. No.D.15116. For other prints in this series see miniature and feature set file. USA(BRI)CCC.FIR.' Handwritten caption on reverse: '1/ British Equipment at American Airfield. 2/ Reverse lease-lend 3/ Cash tenders.'



  • 92nd Bomb Group Fame's Favoured Few

    92nd Bomb Group Fame's Favoured Few

    The 92nd Group sometime after arrivial in the UK converted to the role of in-theater combat crew indocrination and training. For this role, the Group traded its B-17F complement and obtained the B-17E, mostly from the 97th BG which was departing for...


  • 42-5734 'Seymour Angel', 'The Red Balloon', 'Old Ironsides'

    B-17 Flying Fortress
    (YB-40) Delivered Tulsa 29/10/42; Biggs 15/3/43; Presque Is 6/5/43; Assigned 327BS/92BG [UX-D] Alconbury SEYMOUR ANGEL 14/5/43; transferred 323BS/91BG [OR-R] Bassingbourn RED BALLOON 16/7/43; Returned to the USA Eglin 4/9/44; Yuma 4/5/45;...


  • Alconbury

    Military site : airfield
    Alconbury had been constructed as a satellite airfield for RAF Upwood and Wyton and was used by RAF Squadrons: Nos. 15, 40 and 156. In preparation for the arrival of American heavy bombers, the base was developed in 1942 with the runways extended. When...


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