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Lieutenant Colonel Frank P Bostrom, Lieutenant Colonel Beirne Lay Jr , Philippa Ludwell Lee and Lieutenant Colonel John Veerling of the 487th Bomb Group at a party in the Officers Club.

(Photo also in the collection of Leo M. Burbridge, 487BG Adjutant)

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This contains information written on the back of the original print and some of it may be inaccurate.

Lieutenant-Colonel Bierne Lay Jr. and Lieutenant-Colonel Veeching of the 487th Bomb Group socialise with Colonel Bostrom and an unknown lady at a party. Handwritten caption on reverse: 'Lt Col Biernies Lay Jr, Lt Col Veeching, Col Bostrom.'



  • 487th Bomb Group

    487th Bomb Group

    The 487th Bomb Group began operations as preparations for D-Day were reaching their crescendo and played their part by bombing airfields in northern France. Like the 486th Bomb Group, the 487th switched to B-17 Flying Fortress for missions from 1...


  • Frank Bostrom

    Military | Colonel | Commanding Officer
    Bostrom was famous for flying General Douglas MacArthur from the Philippines to Australia in early 1942. He commanded Alamogordo Army Air Base from November 1943 until April 1944, and later commanded the 490th Bomb Group in England ...

  • Beirne Lay

    Military | Lieutenant Colonel | Group commander
    Beirne Lay assumed command of the 487th Bomb Group at Alamogordo Army Air Base, New Mexico on February 28, 1944, his wife was Philippa Ludwell Lee. ...

  • John Veerling

    Military | Lieutenant Colonel | Ground Executive


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