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"Officers of the USAAF formerly members of the British Eagle Squadrons, have returned form the European front. they are in Washington today where they told their experience in aerial combat against the Nazis. The Eagle Squadrons were composed of American citizens who joined the British RAF and were organized into all American fighter squadrons. These were disbanded following the entry of the US into the war and the American personnel for the most part were transferred to our air forces. As such they continued in combat duty and have taken part in many of the successful actions against the enemy."
L-R: Maj Carroll W McColpin, Lt John I Brown, Capt Reade Tilley, Maj William J Dailey Jr, Capt John J McCloskey, Lt Dale Taylor, Lt A L Haynes, Capt Harold Strickland, Lt Bradford W Boyar, Capt Sam A Mauriello, Lt George L Strauss and Lt Fred Cullen Smith.



  • 4th Fighter Group

    4th Fighter Group

    Some of the pilots of the 4th Fighter Group had seen many hours of combat by the time they joined the 4th Fighter Group as they had volunteered with the Royal Canadian Air Force and the Royal Air Force. The three 'Eagle Squadrons' of RAF Fighter...

  • 334th Fighter Squadron

    334th Fighter Squadron

    The 334th Fighter Squadron was the successor to No. 71 Eagle squadron of the Royal Air Force when the 4th Fighter Group was activated on 12 September 1942. They were based at Debden Field, Essex. The "Fighting Eagles" as they were called, flew...

  • 335th Fighter Squadron

    335th Fighter Squadron

    The 335th Fighter Squadron was the offspring of No. 121 (Eagle) Squadron RAF. Formed on 21 May 1941, No. 121 was the second of the three Eagle Squadrons composed of American volunteers flying out of England. They were known as the "Chiefs" and were...

  • 336th Fighter Squadron

    336th Fighter Squadron

    The 336th Fighter Squadron was constituted by the War Department on 22 august 1942, and was activated at Bushey Hall, England, on 12 September. It had been designated as No. 133 (Eagle) Squadron, and was made up of American volunteers to the Royal Air...

  • No. 71 'Eagle' Squadron

    No. 71 'Eagle' Squadron

    'On 19 September 1940, No. 71 was reformed at Church Fenton as the first 'Eagle' Squadron to be manned by American personnel. The Squadron received Hurricanes in November and became operational on defensive duties on 5 February 1941. No. 71 converted...

  • No. 121 'Eagle' Squadron

    No. 121 'Eagle' Squadron

    'On 14 May 1941, No. 121 was reformed at Kirton-in-Lindsey as the second 'Eagle' Squadron to be manned by American volunteers. Equipped with Hurricanes, it began defensive patrols in October but in November it converted to Spitfires. It moved to North...

  • No. 133 'Eagle' Squadron

    No. 133 'Eagle' Squadron

    'On 1 August 1941, No. 133 reformed at Coltishall as the third 'Eagle' Squadron manned by American personnel. Equipped with Hurricanes it became operational at the end of September. The next month the Squadron moved to Northern Ireland, returning to...


  • Bradford Boyar

    Military | Lieutenant | Pilot

  • John Brown

    Military | Captain | Pilot
    Joined RAFVR, service pilot training in US, shipped overseas to ETO, operational training at OTU, assigned to 121S, transferred to 82FS, 78FG, 8AF, Tour expired ETD.

  • William Daley

    Military | Lieutenant Colonel | Pilot
    William Daley attempted to enlisted from Amarillo, Texas, in the Army Aviation Cadet programme but was rejected. He then went to the Clayton-Knight Committee, and having nearly 200 hours of flying time, was accepted for the RAF, where he graduated a a...

  • Albert Haynes

    Military | First Lieutenant | Pilot
    Joined RCAF. ...

  • Sam Mauriello

    Military | Captain | Pilot
    Captain Sam Alfred 'Uncle' Mauriello 71(Eagle) Sqn RAF, 3 kill, 2 damaged.

  • John McCloskey

    Military | Captain | Pilot

  • Carroll McColpin

    Military | Major General | Fighter Pilot
    Major General Carroll McColpin was from Buffalo, New York. Born in 1914, he began flying at the age of 14. As a high school boy he built his own plane and taught himself to fly. He became aware that Britain was fighting to repel the Germans in their...

  • Fred Smith

    Military | Lieutenant | Pilot

  • George Strauss

    Military | Lieutenant | Pilot
    Spitfire pilot Eagle Sqn RAF.

  • Harold Strickland

    Military | Lieutenant Colonel | Pilot
    Failed check ride in Curtiss Jenny and washed out of AAC flying program 3-1925, approached British embassy to fly for RAF 1940, contacted Knight committee 1940, service pilot training in US, shipped overseas to ETO, joined RAF June 1941 at 37 yrs old,...

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