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Germany, 8 April -- The Burning Heinkel 111 Was Photographed By a 9th AF Tactical Reconnaissance Pilot, Capt. John H. Hoefker Of Fort Mitchell, Ky., Just After he had shot him out of the sky causing him to belly in several miles south of Juterbog, Germany, as testified by the deep round scars in the photograph. Capt Hoefker was on an early morning armed recon mission in a P-51C with his wingman, 1st Lt Charles D White of Clarksdale, Miss, when he met the Jerry plane. Capt Hoefker said that the He 111 ‘Soaked up plenty bullets before going down’ Lt White stayed up to watch for other Jerries while the Capt finished the job. This victory brought Hoefker’s total of enemy planes destroyed in aerial combat to nine and a half and the total of his squadron for the morning to seven Germans. After the battle Capt Hoefker and Lt White continued their recon and returned safely with valuable photos of German airfields and other military installations as well as this confirming picture of the HE 111.



  • John Hoefker

    Military | Captain | Pilot
    Captain John H Hoefker, piloted North American P-51C Mustang 42-103368 to shoot down three enemy aircraft in June 1944. He became the 10th Photo Recon Group's most successful combatant with credits of 8½ air victories.


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