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  1. Pesch family UPL 30268

    John J Pesch

  2. Sidney Casden Document 30284

    Helene Gill was a member of the French Resistance during WWII occupied France....

  3. 379th Bomb Group UPL 27299

    The 1LT Keith L "Huck" Phinney crew. 2LT William Wagner is standing 3rd from the left. 1LT Phinney is 2nd from left. They were initially...

  4. UPL 30283

    Lucky Lady crash site in southern Belgium. 42-39941, 452nd BG, 731st BS

  5. Sidney Casden UPL 30282

    Sidney Casden Map of France 1944 with his papers and documents attached to map

  6. Sidney Casden UPL 30281

    Sidney Casden's Plaque to his Air Force Portrait

  7. Sidney Casden UPL 30280

    Sidney Casden's Air Force Portrait circa Dec-1943-June 1944

  8. Sidney Casden UPL 30279

    Sidney Casden's Head Stone...

  9. UPL 30278

    Peter Brannan 5 BFTS

  10. UPL 30277

    Peter Brannan 5BFTS

  11. UPL 30276

    Peter Brannan - Clewiston with John Paul Riddle

  12. UPL 30275

    Peter Brannan

  13. UPL 30274

    Arthur John Thurgood

  14. UPL 30273

    Arthur Thurgood at 5 BFTS Florida 1944

  15. UPL 30272

    Arthur John Thurgood with his wife Dorothy

  16. UPL 6597

    Lieutenant Robert L Garlich, 357th Fighter Squadron, 355th Fighter Group.

  17. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 6447

    Capt Mark Brown 8th AF Photographic officer with 385th Bomb Group B-17 Flying Fortress (serial number 43-38625) nicknamed "Ole Doodle Bug!". Image...

  18. Pesch Family UPL 30271

    B-17G Big Time Operator 42-97256

  19. Peach Family UPL 30270

    Hero of Maspeth

  20. UPL 30260

    Bachelors Bride 42-97292 LG-C

  21. UPL 30259

    42-30249 "Raunchy Wolf" in N. Africa

  22. UPL 30258

    John W Mayek

  23. UPL 30257

    Crew of the Cheyl Lynn, Lt. Russell Fetcher-pilot, Lt. Archie Nelson- co-pilot, Lt, William Faller- navigator, Lt. Marcus Askew- bombardier, ...

  24. UPL 30256

    Joe R Stilwell, SSG 1924-2007

  25. Document 30177

    MACR 1335

  26. UPL 30212

    42-3335 Fickle Finger of Fate, 385th Bomb Group

  27. UPL 30236

    Raul Quinones (bottom left), 92nd Bomb Group.

  28. Eddie UPL 30254

    Service record of Edward Wall, 95th Bomb Group

  29. Eddie UPL 30255

    "Trouble shooter" crew, with Edward Wall, 95th Bomb Group.

  30. Eddie Wall UPL 30253

    SSgt Edward J Wall in front of Trouble Shooter

  31. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 4366

    A bomber crew of the 306th Bomb Group with their B-17 Flying Fortress nicknamed "Geezil". Handwritten caption on reverse: '369BS. Kneeling centre -...

  32. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 4365

    A bomber crew of the 306th Bomb Group with their B-17 Flying Fortress nicknamed "Geezil". Handwritten caption on reverse: 'Front row, last on right...

  33. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 8495

    Moulsford Manor. Handwritten caption on reverse: 'Officer's Rest Home.'

  34. UPL 17290

    Moulsford Manor, the rest home where crew of Destiny's Tot # 42-3119 were sent after ditching in the North Sea on July 26, 1943.

  35. UPL 17292

    Gerald Tucker playing tennis at the rest home after crew of Destiny's Tot ditched #42-3119 into the North Sea on July 26. 1943....

  36. UPL 30252

    Lt. Theodore G. Barlow photographed while de briefing Captain John D. Irvin after his return from mission over Ruhr. Photo publication date was...

  37. UPL 30251

    Captain John D. Irvin photographed after returning from a mission over the Ruhr while being questioned by 84th Squadron Intelligence Officer Lt....

  38. UPL 30250

    Copy taken from old press photo 1943 shows painted label of preferred pilot Capt. John D. Irvin of Anaheim, California

  39. UPL 30249

    42-30149 "Sapre Parts"

  40. UPL 30248

    Joseph J. Kling, 422nd Bomb Squadron. Gunner B-17 s/n 42-5057 ‘Dry Martini & the Cocktail Kids’

  41. UPL 30247

    T/Sgt. Grant Carter, 305th Bomb Group

  42. UPL 30246

    S/Sgt. Marvin Sirus, Brooklyn, NY. Waist gunner on B17 ‘Centaur’ S/n 42-29555

  43. UPL 30245

    Ralph Leo Hackworth 1942 EC Glass High School, Lynchburg, VA

  44. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 5988

    P-51 Mustangs, including (5Q-D, serial number 44-14011) nicknamed "Lou 'N Sue" of the 339th Fighter Group lined up at Fowlmere. Image via James...