How to edit a record

We hope that you will do more than simply browsing and searching the site. We would love you to share some of your memories and local knowledge with us by adding to the information which we already have on the website. As a registered user you can edit existing entries in any of the six categories (people, aircraft, places, units, missions and media) with new information or improve the quality of the information already there.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to click the ‘edit entry’ button in the top right of any record.

Each type of record has a tailored form and the editable fields are grouped under thematic headings. For example, the fields for a Person entry are grouped under the headings of ‘Personal Details’, ‘Service’, ‘Connections’, ‘Biography’ and ‘Media’.

Clicking any of these headings will open up the full list of information that you can edit or add for that record.

When you’re amending records, you’ll find that there are a few fields you can’t edit. In Media entries, when you edit or add information to an image’s caption and save it, you’ll see that the IWM caption remains as it was and a new box has appeared with the revised information above. This is because the IWM caption contains the information on the back of the original scanned print. Often the photographs are labelled with their wartime captions and we now have different or more things to say about them. The original captions will be left alongside the new caption so that other people can see it and make their own deductions

The other locked fields are unit names, aircraft serial numbers and station summaries. This enables us to keep some control over some of site’s fundamental content. If you would like to see any of these fields changed for a specific entry, please do get in contact with us (

There are also a few fields for information from official United States Air Force published sources and English Heritage official records. These are only editable by the AAM team

When you want to save your changes, you will need to fill in the ‘Source message’ box explaining what you’ve done or how you know the information you’ve changed or added. This source message can range from ‘my father told me’ to a reference from a book or a link to an online source. This helps other users work out where the information displayed has come from and makes the website a more credible source for other researchers. Please fill this in as completely as you can. It cannot be retrospectively edited and so first-time accuracy is very important.

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