Bottisham Airfield Museum Intern Joins Team

By K Flynn on 17/08/2015

Introducing Karina Flynn, an Eighth in the East-sponsored intern, working for Bottisham Airfield Museum, at IWM Duxford:

My name is Karina Flynn and I am doing a three month internship for Bottisham Airfield Museum supported by Eighth in the East and IWM Duxford. As part of my internship I will be digitising a collection of nearly 700 photographs belonging to Bottisham Airfield Museum which give a fascinating insight into life on the airbase, the airmen who were based there, along with the aircraft they piloted.

In 2012 I studied a Master’s degree in Arts and Heritage at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands, specialising in how museums represent conflict. My interest in this subject led me to apply for this position based at IWM Duxford along with my personal interest in 20th century history, in particular the First and Second World Wars.

Being based at Duxford has given me the opportunity to be involved with projects organised by the American Air Museum, including the Summer Residency 2015 programme which has just come to an end. I will be uploading Bottisham’s collection of photographs onto the AAM website and connecting them up to people's entries on the website as well as to Bottisham Airfield's entry. In the Media search section of the website, keep an eye out for new images appearing under the collection name of Bottisham Airfield Museum in the next few weeks...

Karina Flynn


Welcome Aboard Karina

By Lee8thbuff on 19/08/2015

I hope that you will enjoy your internship with the AAM. It is so wondeful to see young people immerse themselves in this history and share their talents so that others will benefit from thier efforts. I know that you will make a wonderful contribution to securing this history in the archives of the AAM. Thank YOU!!!!