July 2014

Cataloguing the Roger Freeman Collection

By AAM on 24/07/2014


One of the photos in the Roger Freeman Collection that was in need of cataloging (FRE 4462)

We have been combing through Roger Freeman’s photographic collection and gathering as much information as we can on each picture in the collection. We have then written up a digital record entry attached to a digital copy of each photograph. In September, the first 3,000 of these 15,000 images will be available to view and download from the new AAM website. Each photo will have its accompanying information, whether that's on the front of the print or on its reverse – doubly important as the reverses have not been digitized – displayed with the picture for easy viewing. This will be combined with any details pertinent to the photograph we have researched or gleaned from Roger Freeman’s paper archive. Now, to show you what that means in practice, I’ll cheat slightly and use a picture processed a few weeks ago to explain the procedure.