June 2013

The Americans at Debden Airfield

By Lucy May on 24/06/2013

Keith Braybrooke lends us a helping hand with identifying features in Roger Freeman's photographs of Debden airfield.

One of the strands of the American Air Museum’s project is the development of a website that will allow people to view and comment on images from the Roger Freeman Collection. We’re hoping that organisations and individuals with specialist knowledge will enjoy sharing their knowledge on the site so that overall, the collective knowledge of the American airmen in Britain during the Second World War will be strengthened.

70 Years Of Stansted Airport

By Lucy May on 21/06/2013

The latest display that the American Air Museum team has put together is now up in London Stansted Airport. So if you’re flying from Stansted over the next month or so, be sure to check out the panels on your way through Departures!

Stansted Airport’s first runways and buildings were built by US Army engineer battalions in the first months of 1943. It grew to cover 3,000 acres, making it the largest US Ninth Air Force base in East Anglia during the Second World War.