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B-17 Flying Fortress

Delivered Denver 12/6/43; Dow Fd 20/7/43; Assigned 364BS/305BG [WF-E] Chelveston 12/8/43; transferred 366BS [KY-E]; Missing in Action Stuttgart 6/9/43 with Art Glaiser, Co-pilot: Dave Engler, Navigator: Jim Vitiello, Bombardier: Bob Hutchinson, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Bob Hooker, Radio Operator: Jim Dystra, Ball turret gunner: Gaetano Polizzotti, Waist gunner: Jake Demere, Waist gunner: Chas Moore,Tail gunner: Bill Watkins (10INT); no gas, force landed Dubendorf, Switz. Missing Air Crew Report 1342. Returned USA 22/9/45. SO WHAT?



  • 305th Bomb Group Can Do

    305th Bomb Group Can Do

    The 305th Bombardment Group (Heavy), nicknamed "Can Do" was activated 1-March-1942 at Salt Lake City Air Base, Utah which was their primary training base until 11-Jun-1942 when they relocated to Geiger Field, Washington until 29-Jun-1942, then on to...


  • Jake Demere

    Military | Staff Sergeant | Left Waist Gunner | 305th Bomb Group Can Do

  • James Dystra

    Military | Staff Sergeant | Radio Operator | 305th Bomb Group Can Do

  • David Engler

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Co-Pilot | 305th Bomb Group Can Do

  • Robert Hooker

    Military | Technical Sergeant | Top Turret Gunner | 305th Bomb Group Can Do

  • Robert Hutchinson

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Bombardier | 305th Bomb Group Can Do

  • Charles Moore

    Military | Staff Sergeant | Right Waist Gunner | 305th Bomb Group Can Do
    B-17 42-3434 'So What?' landed in Switzerland 6 September 1943. Interned.

  • Gaetero Polizzotti

    Military | Staff Sergeant | Ball Turret Gunner | 305th Bomb Group Can Do

  • James Vitiello

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Navigator | 305th Bomb Group Can Do

  • William Watkins

    Military | Staff Sergeant | Tail Gunner | 305th Bomb Group Can Do


  • Chelveston

    Military site : airfield
    Chelveston was adapted and expanded in preparation for the arrival of American forces. Rather than heavy bombers, the first aircraft to fly from its runways were C-47 Skytrains that were flown by the 60th Troop Carrier Group in July 1942. The first...


Event Location Date
Failed to Return (FTR) Germany 6 September 1943


Date Contributor Update
27 September 2014 18:40:43 AAM AAM ingest

Dave Osborne, B-17 Fortress Master Log / MACR 1342 / Paul Andrews, Project Bits and Pieces, 8th Air Force Roll of Honor database