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B-17 Flying Fortress

Delivered 38RS/19BG [aircraft 39] Salt Lake City 15-Jan-41; transferred 9BS/7BG, with F.R. Dent crash landed Selfridge Field 24-Feb-41; Albuquerque 4-Dec-41; Pearl Harbor 7-Dec-41 with:

P Lt Bob Richards; CP Leon Humiston
Aviation Cadet F.B. Morris, Aviation Cadet George Gammans
AG S/Sgt Joe Angelini; AG S/Sgt Erwin Casebolt
AG S/Sgt Melvin Zajic; S/Sgt Lawrence Velarde
Pvt Vernon Tomlinson;

Aircraft was heavily damaged by Japanese fighters on arrival at Bellows Field, salvaged for spare parts. SKIPPER.


Event Location Date
Delivered Salt Lake City, UT, USA 15 January 1941
Crashed Selfridge Field 24 February 1941
Assigned Albuquerque, NM, USA 4 December 1941
Assigned Pearl Harbor, HI 96706, USA 7 December 1941


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