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40-2047 B-17C

B-17 Flying Fortress

Delivered Strategic Air Depot 9-Sep-40; Salt Lake City 27-Jun-41; departed 31-Oct-41 en route McClelland Fd, Sacramento for an #3 engine change, with five crew and four passengers, all Killed in Service , including:

P Leo Walker (Killed in Service); CP John Mode
Sterling Isom; Alden Stookey
E/TTG Eugene Clemens, plus four crewmen (8 Returned to Duty)

Approaching Reno the weather worsened with radio static, and Lt Walker, decided to land at Reno and wait for conditions to improve. Two days later the weather relented, and flight resumed, but 20 minutes after take off the radio failed, the static made contact with Reno impossible. Then a supercharger failed as an attempt was made to climb above the weather. At this point the aircraft began to break up in the turbulence and most of the crew bailed out successfully, it crashed on Tell’s Peak, 25 miles E of Georgetown, Cal. 2-Nov-41. It was eventually salvaged, while later photographs on this rarely visited site show early USAAF markings. Never used in combat and never served in the UK.


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Dave Osborne, B-17 Fortress Master Log