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P-47 Thunderbolt

62nd FS [LM-P], 56th FG, 8th AF, Boxted, Station 150;
61st FS [HV-Y], 56th FG; 8th AF, Boxted, Station 150;

Accident 14 July 1944 landing at Wattisham, Station 377;

352nd FS [SX-Q], 353rd FG, 8th AF, Raydon, Station 157;

For conversion training post VE day;
2nd Air Division, 8th AF, Hethel, Station 114;

Accident 14 May 1945 landing in bad weather at Attlebridge, Station 120.
Pilot survived, aircraft badly damaged, unknown if repaired.



  • 2nd Air Division

    2nd Air Division

    In December 1944, the 2nd Bomb Division was redesginated the 2nd Air Division.

  • 353rd Fighter Group

    353rd Fighter Group

    The 353rd Fighter Group was assigned to the Eighth Air Force on 7 June 1943. The group flew P-47 Thunderbolts, and from October 1944, P-51 Mustangs, as escorts for bombing missions across occupied Europe and to strafe targets on the ground. Tactical...

  • 56th Fighter Group

    56th Fighter Group

    Flying P-47 Thunderbolts throughout their time stationed in England, the Group, known as "the Wolfpack", had more ace pilots than any other Eighth Air Force Fighter Group. The 56th Fighter Group also destroyed more enemy aircraft in air combat than any...

  • 352nd Fighter Squadron
  • 61st Fighter Squadron
  • 62nd Fighter Squadron


  • Lucian Dade

    Military | Colonel | Commanding Officer | 56th Fighter Group
    Pete Dade served as a fighter pilot with the 62nd Fighter Squadron of the 56th Fighter Group, flying missions from Boxted, England. He became an ace, credited with shooting down 5 enemy aircraft in aerial combat. After the war he remained in what soon...

  • Bill Parker

    Military | Second Lieutenant | 353rd Fighter Group


  • Boxted

    Military site : airfield
    Boxted was built for heavy bombers and became operational from May 1943. In the few months B-26 Marauders of the 386th Bomb Group were stationed there, there were two night attacks by the Luftwaffe. On 17 August 1943, one man was killed when bombs...

  • Hethel

    Military site : airfield
    Construction of Hethel airfield began in 1941, and was finished in late 1942. The number of hardstandings was increased from the planned 36 to 50 in 1942, in order to accommodate a full heavy bomb group. The 320th Bomb Group occupied the base for ten...

  • Raydon

    Military site : airfield
    Although never used as such, Raydon was built during 1942-43 as an Eighth Air Force bomber base, with three concrete runways, 50 loop and one pan hardstandings, and two dispersed T2 hangars. Initially on loan to the Ninth Air Force, it was first...


Event Location Date
Accident, landed at Wattisham 11 Roman Rd, Ipswich IP7 7RA, UK 14 July 1944
Accident, landed at Attlebridge Attlebridge, Norwich, UK 14 May 1945


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