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Tiger Moth

Assigned to USAAF, Landing accident Goxhill 2-Aug-43, Taxiing accident Halesworth 30-Aug-43, Take Off accident Westleton 7-Sep-43 Maj Glenn E Duncan: -
"I prepared to take off for my home airdrome with Lt Rose still in the rear cockpit. I placed the aircraft in a position to permit the longest run off
the field about 6 to 700 yards in length. The lowest obstruction at the far side was a small hedge about five feet high. The wind was slightly cross to the line of take off, about 15 miles per hour. I had two enlisted men hold the wings while I revved the engine up as there are no brakes on the Moth. With the throttle wide open we started across the field, tail off the ground.
The ship was just airborne but not enough to clear the small hedge. I tried to bounce over the hedge but didn’t quit make it. The ship hit the hedge and went over on its back. The visual damage was propeller, wing and rudder. The property damage included a few sugar beets dug up. There was no injury to either passenger or pilot."

Returned to RAF 1945, Sold 3-Sep-46.




  • James Cole

    Military | Second Lieutenant

  • Glenn Duncan

    Military | Lieutenant Colonel | Commanding Officer of 353rd Fighter Group | 353rd Fighter Group
    Glenn E Duncan joined the 353rd Fighter Group in March 1943 as Group Executive Officer. He claimed 19 victories until he was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and commander of the Group in November 1943. ...


  • Boxted

    Military site : airfield
    Boxted was built for heavy bombers and became operational from May 1943. In the few months B-26 Marauders of the 386th Bomb Group were stationed there, there were two night attacks by the Luftwaffe. On 17 August 1943, one man was killed when bombs...

  • Goxhill

    Military site : airfield
    Goxhill opened in June 1941 as an RAF Bomber Command airfield, before being handed over to RAF Fighter Command in December. The Eighth Air Force took ownership in August 1942, and used the airfield, which they quickly dubbed 'Goat Hill' for operational...

  • Metfield

    Military site : airfield
    Built during 1942-43 as an Eighth Air Force bomber base, Metfield had three concrete runways, 39 pan plus 15 loop hardstandings, and two dispersed T2 hangars. It was first occupied by the 353rd Fighter Group, equipped with P-47s, from August 1943 to...


Event Location Date
Manufactured Hatfield, Hertfordshire, UK 1942

Built at de Havilland.

Assigned England, UK 1943

Assigned to 8th Air Force USAAF.

Crashed Goxhill, Barrow-upon-Humber, North Lincolnshire DN19, UK 2 August 1943

Landing accident Goxhill/Sta 345 Cat 3 damage, pilot Lt James P Cole, 2-Aug-43.

HQ Sqn, 79th Service Group 8AF.

Crashed Halesworth, Halesworth, Suffolk IP19, UK 30 August 1943

Taxiing accident Halesworth/Sta 365 Cat 3 damage, pilot Lt Walter F Judge, 30-Aug-43.

15th Station Complement Squadron 8AF

Crashed Westleton, Saxmundham, Suffolk IP17, UK 7 September 1943

Take Off accident Westleton Cat 3 damage, pilot Maj Glenn E Duncan, 7-Sep-43.

353rd FG 8AF

Returned England, UK 1945

Returned to RAF.

Struck Off Charge SOC England, UK 3 September 1946

Struck Off Charge, sold by RAF 3-Sep-46.


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