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B-17 Flying Fortress

Delivered Cheyenne 24/11/43; Wendover 12/12/43; Assigned 750BS/457BG [N] Glatton 27/1/44; battle damaged Augsburg 25/2/44 with Bob Lane, rest ?, Waist gunner: Winfred Kincaid; detailed Munich 9/4/44 with Don Goss, Co-pilot: Don Longman, n/b-Fred Robeerts, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Peter Stern, Radio Operator: Bob Brady, Ball turret gunner: Jim Dixon, Waist gunner: Rueben Hernandez, Waist gunner: Bill Sokoloski,Tail gunner: John Roe (9 Returned to Duty); flak damage in boy bay, needed salvo of loose equipment to get back to RAF base on South Coast, but crash landed France. Salvaged 10/8/44. TUJUNGA III.



  • Glatton

    Military site : airfield
    Glatton, which lay mostly in the parish of Conington, was built by the 809th Engineer Battalion (Aviation) of the U.S. Army in the last months of 1942. Unusually, the base's three runways surrounded Rose Court Farm, which remained a working farm...


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Dave Osborne, B-17 Fortress Master Log