AAM Aircraft are Back in the Building

By Lucy May on 30/09/2015

With the conserved aircraft back inside, the glass wall of the American Air Museum has begun to go up.

Over the past month the Conservation team at IWM Duxford has been working extremely hard to move all of the aircraft back into the American Air Museum and suspend a number of them. If you're local to the museum, we hope that you had the chance to visit the site on one (or more!) of the days when the aircraft were out and about. For those of you who couldn't make it, here are a few photos of the move:

The A-10A on its way from the Conservation in Action hangar to the American Air Museum:

The freshly-painted F-15A on its way back to the American Air Museum:

The B-52D, F-4J and F-111E all jostling for space outside the AAM:

The SPAD XIII replica being carefully suspended in the AAM:

As I'm sure is clear, these photos were taken by AAM project staff on a very regular camera. Take a look at #AAMmoves and the wider web for superior shots taken by real photographers!

Also Borras Construction have shared a time-lapse video of the moves over on their website, which a pretty cool way to see the AAM project distilled into 1 minute and 24 seconds!

Thanks to everyone who came down to IWM Duxford and took photos - it's great to have a good record of this moment in the AAM's history.

Lucy May